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Here is your fight size update for Saturday, July 3, 2021.

- Inside The Ropes‘ Gary Cassidy asked former WWE Superstar Alexander Wolfe (now Axel Tischer) 20 questions to help fans get to know him better. His answers can be seen here.

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- Ariane Andrew spoke with Wrestling Inc. and commended Mickie James for speaking up about the trash bag incident. She also said that it never happened to her because she had already taken all of her stuff out beforehand.

“Even though she’s no longer with WWE, I’m really proud of Mickie James. I think it’s super f—ing dope what she’s creating with an all-women’s show for NWA. Obviously if you’re not in WWE or AEW, you don’t get as much love, but I would say I’m most impressed with her right now. The reason Mickie resonates the most with me, is because of the way she put the stuff out [on social media] about how she got her stuff delivered [in a trash bag]. And just kinda creating a lane for other talents, that you can say a bunch of s–t and not get into trouble. I thought she’s making a segue in a way that hasn’t been made before.”

- Rosemary & Havok campaign for a title shot, Brian Myers and Jake Something make a match, and much more can be seen in these exclusive scenes from backstage at IMPACT.

- Via Instagram, The Rock shared a video in which he revealed that the final week of production for the upcoming Black Adam film is next week. Furthermore, he showed off the kind of diet he's implemented to build his physique for the role.

“Shovel it all in and drink it all down. This coming week is a big one – our final week of production for the filming of BLACK ADAM. All the training, the diet (the diet;), almost 2 years of character, story and production prep all culminates to next week. Here’s a look at my breakfast/ Sodium pulled. Water limited. Dialing all. the conditioning in as we save the hardest and most intense scenes for last. Appreciate you guys so much for all the BLACK ADAM support – I think we’re making a movie and creating a universe that’s definitive, unique, bad ass and cool. Fingers crossed we bring it on home strong next week. Stay disciplined, focused and trust in the process. And shovel it all in and drink it all down. Enjoy your 4th!,” Johnson wrote.

- Anna Jay was the latest guest on Outside the Ring with Lexy Nair. The full interview can be seen below.

- While on the Battleground podcast, Drew McIntyre revealed that he’d like to see WrestleMania remain a two-night event. He said the following:

“I like the two-night format, obviously it was created because of the times we were living in and it gave everyone an entire weekend of WrestleMania when there was no other original content, at the time. I think it’s really cool to have a WrestleMania weekend, or SummerSlam weekend. As much as I love WrestleMania and be performing on it, I couldn’t imagine being in the crowd for up to seven hours at a time. It’s such a long event. I remember wrestling Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 35 and we were on a little later, and you could feel the crowd getting a little burnt out as the night goes on because they’ve been there for so long. If we broke it into two nights, we’ve got those shorter events and the crowd’s got their energy from start to finish. They can pick a night, they can pick both nights, or make a weekend out of it. So, I’m all about it, but again, I don’t understand the business behind it and what makes the most sense, so I can’t make that decision. But for me, personally, it gets a yes.”

h/t Wrestling Inc.

- The latest WWE Top 10 takes a look back at this week’s Friday Night SmackDown to revisit the show’s most thrilling, physical and controversial moments.

- Following England's Euro 2020 Quarter-Final win against Ukraine, a fan decided to celebrate with a senton splash through a table.

- R-Truth, Bayley and more WWE Superstars reveal how they will celebrate Independence Day this year.

- Tony Nese has announced that he has launched a new Twitch channel. He wrote the following on Twitter:

“Be sure to give my new Twitch channel a follow. I will be doing an impromptu chat session with some Q & A within the next few days. Could be tomorrow. The channel has been created."

"I will be starting next week with Chatting, Q & A’s, 205 Road Stories and eventually Gaming, as well as other ideas I have. TonyNesePA”

- Anthony Greene, former August Grey in WWE, revealed that he will now have a new nickname, “The Alternative."

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