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Here is your fight size update for Tuesday, August 31, 2021:

- The Rock has reacted to his viral doppelganger and offered him a drink.

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- John Cena is booked for C2E2 and New York Comic-Con:

- Buddy Murphy is free.

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- Montez Ford joins the WWE Undefeated roster this Friday!

- Speaking with Cageside Seats' Shakiel Mahjouri, Maria Kanellis-Bennett opened up about misconceptions that WWE paid for Mike Bennett's rehab:

“It was right around that time that Mike came out that he had an addiction and he was in recovery. Now, he had already been recovering for weeks. I had already been through the gamut of watching his cellphone and keeping his iPads and everything so that he couldn’t go to a dealer. He was also starting on the road full-time. So this is where people screw it up. They say he went to rehab. He didn’t go to rehab. He was on the road full-time with WWE. He was afraid that he was going to lose his job if he told them. He already went through rehab by the time he told them and that rehab was me, no one else. I was the one cleaning him up when he was sick and making sure that he didn’t die. So then we found out I was pregnant and then he told WWE about his addiction. So in no way did we go into it believing, ‘Oh, WWE should pay for this.’ No is a very sh—ty course of events. It was incredibly difficult. There were times I didn’t think my marriage was going to last. There were times that I was afraid that I was going to get fired.

“So then fast forward. We start conversations with WWE, our contract was up in June of 2019,” the former Diva’s Search alum explains. “We started talks and I was like, ‘OK, guys. I am going to get pregnant again, are you OK with that, because if you’re not, that’s fine. We just want to let you guys know just in case you want to change my deal. Like, if you want to have me be backstage. If you want me to just not re-sign, I’ll go somewhere else. But we’re going to have another baby because we want two kids that are close together and we want them to have each other when we go on the road.’ That’s just what we wanted to do. That was our family planning — P.S. my family planning is nobody’s business. But because it was asked, I am answering you this.

“We told WWE. We had many conversations with them, ‘I’ll take less money, I’ll go on to pay-per-appearance,’ whatever. I was accepting of anything. But what I did know is I was not going to postpone my life because of WWE. Great opportunity, but I’ve already done it. I’ve already been to WWE. So they come around with the contract. It’s more money and it’s not a pay-per-appearance deal. Nothing. I was like, ‘Guys, that’s great, but I’m going to have a baby. I want to get pregnant again. Are you guys OK with this?’ [WWE said], ‘Yes. Vince loves kids.’ That was the exact line. ‘Vince loves kids.’ OK, let’s go ahead and try. Try to get pregnant, got pregnant. We signed our contracts, found out I was pregnant two weeks later. So while we were negotiating we were trying to get pregnant. They signed us anyways. OK, not my fault.”

- Sasha Banks will be featured on Hot Ones:

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- Speaking with Liam Alexander-Stewart of Inside The Ropes, Angelina Love shared her candid thoughts regarding past Knockouts she would love to see come over to the ROH Women's Division in 2021

"Well, there's that there's a lot of girls that were on the knockouts roster that I think would have some kind of place, you know, like Jackie, Miss Jackie, you know, she was such an entity in herself, you know, and then Kong, like, I'm always gonna say Kong, cuz I just, you know, love her. Even though she gave me like, the hardest matches of my life, I just really do. Um, it would be really, really cool. If in Ring of Honor, we could kind of have like that, when the knockouts division first started type of vibe, where it's like, everybody has a different look, everybody has a different style, you know, someone's doing the really edgy sexy stuff, we got the Lucha we got, you know, the this and that, like, whatever, you know, we got a gothy vampire girl, like, who knows, but that gives everybody who likes something, something to like, right? It's not just like, 14 blondes, and it's like, pick your favourite one. You know, like, that doesn't work anymore. So, um, that would be cool. And I think that that's what we're getting towards, you know, but still in kind of like, a little bit of a shaky world situation we literally kind of just have to go taping to taping and just see what's going to happen in between and what you know, hurdles and hoops are we going to have to jump through to try to get like the next set of tapings. Figure out like where we're going to be and how it's going to get done. So, I mean, Ring of Honor does a really great job with that. I think that the way that they've managed, how we do our tapings, and just making sure that we have really good content, and then the roster too like I just love the roster, but like, you know, everybody's really good with like, coming up with their own stuff. And like getting stuff out on social media and really like promoting the product and stuff because we love it. Like it's not just a thing where it's like, oh, you know, I gotta do this, like we want to, we want it to be great. We want it to be seen and known and be as big as possible. And we're treated so well too you know, like, it's such a great environment. Like I think I tweeted, this was it was sometime this year, is a few months ago, I being there and just seeing like how supportive everybody is of each other, like how supportive The guys are of the girls and helping out and just you know, clapping for each other backstage and just having each other's back. Because I was there it gave me that like TNA circa 08 09 vibe. And that's when we were rocking and rolling the best. You know, everybody was happy. Everybody was making money. Everybody was supportive, morale was good. And that is when everything is good. You know, like, that's when everybody performs their best. That's when everybody's the happiest. That's when a company succeeds the most. I feel like the fans can feel that too. You know?"

"And, you know, that was like back in 08, and then come like 2010 2011 it was just like, she'd walked by people like they didn't even exist. And, you know, like the money that was being spent in the dumbest ways. And then her honestly, in my personal opinion, what I saw on Dixie is that she was so desperate to be just like Stephanie McMahon because she wanted like to have her own reality TV show. And it's like, who would f*cking watch that? Excuse my language Who would watch that? Who would watch a Dixie Carter reality show? You know what I mean? Like that, and nobody wanted to. Nobody wanted to do that because they knew it would flop and like that was like a big contingency for her and you know this and that, then, you know, Spike TV was going to renew a contract with TNA and she wanted like double what they were offering and Spike TV was like, Are you crazy? But the god bless them and I don't blame them. They held their ground until they were like, Alright, well, no, we're done. And then she was like, Oh, no, no, we're gonna when we when we yell sign that it sounds great. And then and then we're just like [shrugs]. And then all of a sudden, you know, at TV we're filming and all of us are like, are we gonna have a job next month? Like what? Like, it was crazy. It was crazy vibes backstage when that happened, but that was all her."

- Today, WWE stock was trading at $52.14 per share when the market closed.

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