ROH Final Battle 2021 - Fight Without Honor: Kenny King vs. Shane Taylor Result

Shane Taylor and Kenny King settled their grudge.

Taylor and King went to war at ROH Final Battle in a Fight Without Honor. In the end, Taylor got the victory with a Marcus Garvey Driver through a ladder down to the floor, a chair shot to the head, and the Marcus Garvey Driver on a chair.

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After the bout, Taylor and King embraced in the middle of the ring.

Fight Without Honor Match

Shane Taylor vs Kenny King

Kenny spits water in the face of Shane before the two brawl and Shane clotheslines Kenny over the top rope and down onto the floor before tossing Kenny into a chair against the barricade. Shane sends Kenny into the barricade and grabs a chair before missing a chair shot and hitting the post before slamming Kenny onto the floor. Shane moves a pair of tables beside each other before Kenny throws his jacket at Shane and lays into him with forearms and kicks before fighting off a superplex. Kenny hits a blockbuster through the pair of tables before they get back inside and Kenny hits Shane with a kendo stick before choking him with it and Shane drops Kenny across a trash can. Shane puts Kenny on a table and hits a diving splash off of the apron onto Kenny through the table before setting up yet another table inside the ring in the corner. Kenny hits a DVD through the table in the corner for a near fall before bringing a ladder into the ring and setting it up before Shane hits Kenny with a kendo stick. Shane puts a ladder between two other ladders before Kenny hits him from behind and lies Shane on the ladder before diving off of one of the ladders onto Shane for a near fall. Shane comes back with strikes into Welcome to the Land for a near fall before they put a ladder across the barricade and apron and exchange until Shane headbutts Kenny and hits a package piledriver through the ladder onto the floor. Shane then rolls Kenny back inside for a near fall before hitting Kenny with a chair and hitting a package piledriver onto a chair for the pin and the win.

Winner: Shane Taylor defeats Kenny King via pinfall.

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