Roman Reigns Explains His 'Heat' With Ariana Grande Over Epcot Ride

Roman Reigns vs. Ariana Grande is not the feud you probably expected to here about in 2020, but here we are.

Appearing on the Mania Club meet-and-greet, Roman was asked if he was a fan of the popstar Ariana Grande. Roman said his daughter is a big fan and he has listened to her music before telling a story of when ran into Ariana and her entourage at Disney.

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"We were at Epcot, doing Disney at the end of last year. We did the VIP experience to where you get taken to the back in order to get on the rides. You get the privilege to jump in front of everybody. Paying to be jerks, I guess. I'm standing there and it's taking a little longer than usual and our tour guide is like, 'let me see what's going on.' As he goes in, he gets turned right back around as [Ariana's] security is pushing him back and away from her and her group. What took so long is she rode the ride in the Epcot ball and she wanted to do it again. It wasn't even a good ride, why would you want to do it again? Her group was holding me and my daughter up from riding the ride as quickly as we wanted to. When she came out, it was her and an entourage of 20 to 30 people. You just see this little tiny person, barely can see her because she's so little. I felt like my daughter was starstruck," said Reigns.

He then joked that he had to tell his daughter to pick her jaw up off the floor after she saw Ariana.

We all know Roman's favorite popstar is Taylor Swift anyway.

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