Roman Reigns Says Nobody In WWE Is As Consistent As Him, Believes His Old Gimmick Is Still Money

Roman Reigns has been on top of WWE for half of a decade. Competing in every WrestleMania main event from 2015 through 2018, making him and Hulk Hogan the only men to compete in four consecutive WrestleMania main events. Roman Reigns feels this exemplifies his consistency at the top of WWE.

Speaking with Corey Graves on WWE After The Bell, Roman (via WrestleZone) talked about how important it is to not drop the ball when WWE hands it to you.

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“It's gotta show obviously, through the performance. It's got to show backstage with how you handle it, how you handle working your way up, how you treat people. Then, you know, I think a huge one -- it is a popularity contest. So the numbers have to back it up. The numbers have to be behind you. You have to be able to draw that attention. You've got to be a like machine. You know, they've got to be hitting that button on the internet,” he said.

He continued, “There's a lot of things, especially nowadays, where, you know, the top executives, if they're all looking at these spreadsheets of social media likes and how much you know, how much attention this is getting, you know how many views, all of this stuff. But when it's about the numbers, there's got to be that substance behind it. When it's you on camera, when, when, when it's all on you, when we put all our resources and we spend all that money for those seconds of time to broadcast you, whether it's FOX or USA, it has to be there. That 'it,' it has to be there and it can't just be the one night, you know what I mean?”

Roman would go on to single out his old rival, Braun Strowman as an example of somebody who was on top for a little bit but maybe didn't deliver as much as expected and that's why, in his opinion, there is nobody like him on today's roster.

“I love him to death, Braun [Strowman], he was on top for a little while. But in order to really prove yourself, you've got to do it over, and over, and over and main event, main event, main event -- I mean, 20, 30 pay-per-views. You've got to show not just our locker room, but the whole world that you can do this. You can be trusted with that amount of time, that amount of investment year after year. That's something I think that I've done. We have guys who are around the top, but then nobody has shown it like I have. I'm just now starting to show a different layer. I was able to do it in the same mode and keep numbers. The old Roman Reigns is still money. I could still throw on the vest and go out there and still do it. I've proven that I can keep doing that in the same mode and do it -- I can do it, man, I can do it sick, tired, off the plane, on the plane. It don't matter. I can do it in my sleep. That's how repetitiously and conditioned I am at this game now.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Roman Reigns admits that maybe he has had a taste of the Paul Heyman Kool-Aid. Learn more at this link.

Roman Reigns will get a chance to prove that there is nobody on his level when he faces his cousin, Jey Uso, for the WWE Universal Championship at Clash of Champions this Sunday.

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