Rosa Mendes Discusses Her Friendship With Paige, Her Post-WWE Life, Comments On If She'll Ever Be Back In The WWE, And More

Former WWE talent Rosa Mendes, real name Milena Leticia Roucka, shares what her life has been like post-WWE.

Former OVW Women's Champion, Rosa Mendes, recently spoke with former WWE creative writer Kevin Eck, over at Mendes partook in a Q&A session with Eck where she discussed what her life has been like since retiring from the WWE in 2017, what does she think of the women's revolution that is currently going on within the company, among other topics.

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On February 13th 2017, Rosa Mendes announced her retirement from the WWE. It has been a full year since her retirement and Rosa stated that she does miss her WWE family.

"I miss the WWE fans and my co-workers more than anything. Deciding to retire was one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make in my life."

Rosa was able to witness the Women's Revolution first hand, with the influx of talent that had entered the women's division while she was on the roster.

"I absolutely love it. My daughter is only 2 and she's watching these strong, athletic role models. I'm happy that she will grow up looking up to them. She loves the matches and jumps up and down with excitement."

The former WWE talent has had plenty of memories throughout her 10 years in the company. Mendes was not able to earn gold on WWE's main roster, but she held a great number of managerial roles in the company; being the valet of talents like: Santino Marella/Beth Phoenix, Tamina, Alicia Fox, Zack Ryder, Fandango, as well as Primo & Epico. Out of her 10 year run with the company and the people she was able to work with, Rosa was asked to reveal some of her favorite memories and her favorite person/people to work with:

"All of the girls are so unique and different that I can't pinpoint one match and one particular moment, because I had so many great experiences. WWE female superstars are extraordinary women. WWE has done such an amazing job finding women that have the most unbelievably dedicated work ethic and knowledge. The sacrifices and hard work that it takes to become a superstar and to make it on TV, it's more than a lot of the [fans] know about. I'm glad that "Total Divas" and "Total Bellas" can show them a bit of what it's like behind the scenes. My favorite memories in WWE? I feel like I need to write a book, because I've had so many amazing memories and funny stories that I would love to share; 10 years of them."

As seen during a few seasons of the E! Network series 'Total Divas', Rosa Mendes and former WWE Divas Champion Paige, are very close friends. Paige was reportedly told recently that she has been disqualified from competing inside of a WWE ring again due to injury. Her close friend Rosa stated that her & Paige are like "soul sisters" and she has been there for Paige through the highs and lows and will continue to be by Paige's side.

"Paige and I are soul sisters, she has a heart of gold. When friends go through hard times, it's important to be there for them, but it's also important to step away when they need space. If your friendship is strong enough to withstand obstacles, then I feel that those obstacles will bring you closer together. I'm so happy that her and I reconnected." Rosa added on the following about Natalya. "When I was going through my own problems, [Natalya] was there for me and I don't know what I would have done without her at that time in my life. She's been a true friend for so many years, that's what being a true friend is all about ; being there when someone needs you, not when their friendship can benefit you."

Mendes, while pregnant, would do backstage interviews on SmackDown, but would soon go on maternity leave as she gave birth on February 13th 2016, one year to the day, prior to her retirement. She described to Eck what becoming a mother has done for her and how it has changed her perspective on things.

"Absolutely. I had this discussion with Brie [Bella]. To be a WWE superstar, you're a Type A personality, which means you turn into a Type A mom, housewife, homemaker, business woman. I want Jordan to always be comfortable, to always be happy, to always have everything she needs. At first, I put so much pressure on myself, because your baby isn't always going to be happy and comfortable and you have to learn to emotionally accept that and do the best you can.  Brie is an amazing mom and I know that Maryse is going to be a supermom too. It's embedded in us."


The former "Queen Of FCW" Champion appears to be doing fantastic for herself since her departure from the WWE. To read more of Rosa Mendes' interview with Kevin Eck, click here. Also, Mendes will be appearing at MCW's 'Horsemen Anniversary' event on February 17th, where she will be a part of the meet and greet crew.

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