Rosemary: Sexy Star 'Continued To Play Victim Card' After TripleMania Incident

Rosemary thinks that Sexy Star did not intend to injure her out of malice at Triplemania, but also thinks the luchadora should have accepted blame for what happened.

In her first media interview since the incident, Rosemary discussed what happened in Mexico and much more during a recent appearance on the Killing The Town podcast, hosted by Lance Storm and Cyrus.

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Sexy Star put Rosemary in an armbar in the finish of a four-way Reinas de Reinas title match at TripleMania, AAA's biggest show of the year. But Sexy Star cranked the hold, appearing to pop Rosemary's arm out of joint. She went on to tell Storm and Cyrus she suffered a significant tricep strain in the incident.

"I really don’t believe I was a target ever. I just believe things got carried away between the other three that maybe she was more worked up than she should’ve been," Rosemary told Storm and Cyrus. "Maybe she torqued harder than she should have. All I know is I felt my elbow pop, and then I felt myself panic and immediately started trying to get the f--k out of there. And she wouldn’t let go. And that’s when I got angry."

Rosemary noted that, even when she and the others were laying out the match, there was noticeable tension between Sexy Star, Ayako Hamada and Lady Shani. She recalled a lot of eye-rolling and disagreement between the three, which she had no chance to follow because she speaks very little Spanish. Once the match started, Rosemary said "they were literally all just fighting with each other."

When it came time for the finish, however, everything seemed to be according to plan up until Rosemary fed Sexy Star her arm for the hold.

"I remember I was going to sell it a little bit longer," she recalled. "Like I was going to try and break the hold and everything, then I felt her hips pop up and I felt my elbow. I have really flexible joints, thank god, so what ended up happening was I ended up getting a bicep and tricep strain. But I was worried because my tricep had like partially torn because I had like a severely sore spot and it was causing numbness down in my fingertips. I was concerned there could have been a partial tear there. The trainer assessed it, and went through a whole bunch of tests with it and said it was just a really bad strain. Thankfully."

After it happened, Rosemary pondered retaliating immediately but thought better of it.

I remember lying there after she did release it, and I remember lying there on the apron before I rolled out—just angry. I had two options there," she said. "I can leave right now and just go to the back and deal with it there, or I can get up and kick her in the head right now. I’m literally like trying to debate. What do I do? … I was like ‘Let’s not go to Mexico jail.’ "

All parties convened for a teleconference a few days later to try and resolve the issue. It, according to Rosemary, did not go well.

"I basically gave the opportunity, exactly what I said, where like I didn’t believe I was the intended target, I believe things just got carried away. I basically laid that on the platter to be like ‘Just say “Yes, that’s what happened” and say “I did what I shouldn’t have and I’m sorry for it”’ and she continued to play the victim card and I was like ‘Alright, we’re done here,' " Rosemary said. "I just believe in accountability, you know. If you f--k up, you f--k up. Just admit it and we’ll move on. I get it. Sometimes emotions run high. I would’ve been way less angry if she'd just admitted it rather than lied.

Since the incident, AAA stripped Sexy Star of her title and several prominent people in wrestling have called for her to be blackballed. 



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