Rumors Are Flying: Backstage News, Aries Release, Matt Riddle, Summerslam Main Event, GFW Buyrate

The following are rumors and should be treated as such, unless otherwise debunked

- Matt Riddle spoke to NJPW's Tiger Hattori this weekend, fueling speculation that he could eventually head to Japan.

- Hip Hop DX says that Xavier Woods did not know about the Paige reference ahead of time in last week's rap battle.

- Wrestling Observer claims that Austin Aries had heat backstage and wasn't happy about his kickoff match from WrestleMania being left off the show's DVD.

- The site also claims that Aries didn't ask for his release. Fightful has heard otherwise.

- There are rumors that Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar could headline Summerslam instead of WrestleMania.

- The Bella Twins could be getting a nutrition show soon.

- GFW says they tripled last year's Slammiversary buyrate already.

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