Rusev: Lana Buried Yoshi Tatsu During Promo Training

Lana was brutally honest with Yoshi Tatsu.

Appearing on Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia, Rusev and Lana harkened back to their days at NXT and discussed Dusty Rhodes loving Lana for her honesty.

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"(Dusty) took a strong liking to me immediately because I was very outspoken and opinionated. When he would ask for an opinion, I would raise my hand and give my honest opinion," said Lana. "Looking back, people were like, 'Oh, who is this girl?' I would just shoot straight. He loved it. I would be like, 'You need to work on your acting, that sucked.'"

Rusev then brought up the day Lana buried Yoshi Tatsu for his promo skills, saying, "Yoshi Tatsu did a promo for us once, on her first promo class. After it, Dream goes, 'Anyone?' She goes for ten minutes to bury him."

Lana defended herself, saying, "I didn't bury him. I just said he spoke bad English."

Rusev disagreed.

"'If you can't speak English, don't speak it. I don't understand anything you're saying.' She goes for ten minutes and everyone is like 'Oh my God.' Everybody was so uncomfortable, like hiding," explained Rusev. "Yoshi had been on the main roster and now he's down, he thinks he's the best thing ever. Another guy pulled her aside and said, 'Hey, you can't do that.'"

Lana said, while some may have been unhappy, Dusty Rhodes appreciated the honesty. 

"I was just being honest. I wasn't trying to be mean. Dusty is just smiling the whole time," said Lana. "He pulled me aside after and goes, 'Never lose that. It doesn't matter how many people don't like you. Never lose that. Always speak your mind.'"

Yoshi Tatsu was released from WWE in June 2014. Lana and Rusev are currently paired together on SmackDown Live, working with Shinsuke Nakamura after the two feuded over the United States Title.

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