Ryback On Going To TNA: "Don't Ever Say Never"

During an interview with The Buzzards Podcast, Ryback was asked about whether he'd ever consider going to TNA.

His answer is complicated.

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"I'm not gonna say that I'm not interested, it's just one of those -- I'm enjoying not having any contracts right now. If I was just solely wrestling ... and didn't have the motivational book, the podcast, and the supplement line coming out, then it would be something that I'd heavily consider. That or New Japan for something more long term, but these other things are things that I got going on that take up a lot of my time and things that I'm very hands on with. Especially the supplement line, that's very important to me so the wrestling -- everything is great in the independents cause I'm booked through April. We're going into May in bookings now, every weekend, and financially it's the same if not better than WWE. And that's working for less days a week so I have no reason right now to. But don't ever say never, it'd have to be the right situation."

Ryback has been taking independent dates all over the country since he left the WWE, he's got a new self-help book and a line of supplements named after his wrestling catchphrases. He's not exactly hurting for things to do. Plus he's got a regular podcast platform from which he can take a flamethrower to Vince McMahon, Triple H, and CM Punk. From his point of view, he doesn't really have a reason to sign with TNA.

But, you know.

"Don't ever say never."

We might get that Bobby Lashley vs Ryback program we've all been clamoring for.


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