Ryback Would Like To Have A Discussion With CM Punk; Understands That Punk Was Miserable In WWE

Ryback holds no ill-will towards CM Punk.

Following CM Punk's departure from WWE in 2013, he joined Colt Cabana's 'Art Of Wrestling' podcast on-which he dished on a plethora of topics relating back to his time in the sports-entertainment company in an interview that has led to legal battles between CM Punk and WWE doctor Chris Amann and this past June, CM Punk filed a counter lawsuit against Colt Cabana which derives from the aforementioned podcast they recorded together. During that podcast, Punk recalled several of his experiences working with Ryback and how Ryback physically hurt him during their on-screen interactions.

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Although Punk made those comments and alluded to the idea that Ryback did steroids, Ryback holds no ill-will towards CM Punk as he expressed during his 'Conversation With The Big Guy' podcast and added that Dr. Chris Amann once asked him to join the lawsuit opposite of CM Punk.

“People are like, ‘I can’t believe you talk about him after everything he said’ and I think I’ve been mature enough for a while and a lot of what he said, WWE -- I could’ve been involved in that lawsuit with the steroid -- things they’d ask me -- Dr. Amann, he asked me if I wanted to go in on it with him, and I remember at the time, I was just like, ‘No, it’s just going to be negative’. I was like, ‘No, I don’t even want to get involved in anything with a lawsuit or attorneys and what not, but that was so… I look at it from -- so Punk doesn’t know me well enough outside -- I told you I can look back and see his anger with WWE and he’s working hurt already and then he has to wrestle me and I’m a physical wrestler. I’ve never hurt anybody in there outside of him talking about [me] hurting him and what not, and it could’ve been like, I remember giving him a body slam and he was hurt. It was a body slam." Ryback explained. "He was just so beat up. But I look back at it and I’m more understanding of the guy that was just miserable and I think the steroid guy stuff was completely unacceptable but again, he called Eddie Guerrero ‘steroid guy’, Chris Benoit ‘steroid guy’, those are legit steroid users by the way, legit. Everybody and a lot of other guys he worked with up there, legit steroid guys. I’ve been on T.R.T. since I was 28. Doctors supervised within normal limits and I’ve not taken steroids since from the age of 20 to 24 mildly, which I just put my heart test up. The [results] were perfect. I wouldn’t have that if I was abusing steroids and drugs.”

Ryback concluded his sentiments by stating once again that he would love to sit down with Punk. Ryback feels that they both are in different places mentally.

"But going back to Punk, I would absolutely love to have a discussion with the both of us with our mindsets now. I think it would be a really enlightening discussion and he could say -- I’ve taken the power away from everybody from controlling my emotions anymore. I’m in a different place now.” He said.

While mentioning CM Punk, Cody Rhodes hosted a Q&A on Twitter and noted that he wouldn't be surprised if CM Punk went back to WWE and for more on that story, click here.

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