Sami Zayn Describes The 'Purposeful' Pain That Ravaged His Body Following Clash Of Champions 2020

Sami Zayn describes finding purpose in pain following his Intercontinental Championship win at WWE Clash of Champions 2020.

Prior to Clash of Champions 2020, Sami Zayn had not competed on a WWE pay-per-view since successfully defending the Intercontinental Championship against Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 36.

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Sami would take some personal time away from the ring following WrestleMania would force him to vacate the Intercontinental Championship and by the time he returned, Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles were embroiled in a feud over who was the proper Intercontinental Champion. Because Sami Zayn also had a claim to the championship, the determined resolution was to have the three men face off in a Ladder Match at September's Clash of Champions pay-per-view, a match that would be one of Sami’s first wrestling matches in months.

Speaking on WWE Day Of: Clash of Champions, Sami Zayn, after successfully regaining the Intercontinental Championship in the aforementioned ladder match, described what it is like to feel the pain of the wrestling match after having been away from the ring for so long and how the purpose behind the pain almost gives the pain an oxymoronic value.

“I don't want to sit here and glamorize pain as if we like pain, I don't like pain. I don't think any of the boys and girls that work here will tell you that they like pain,” said Zayn. “I don't want to glorify that or or make that some sort of story we love. We don't. But the pain is the pain only comes with pleasure, right? So the pain is kind of what you got to go through. So when you're feeling that pain, the pain on its own would suck because pain sucks. But this is purposeful pain and there's a big difference there, you know what I mean?”

He continued, “[If] pain has purpose, actually, it converts the meaning of pain altogether. It's like a familiar friend, a familiar feeling that, again, is very hard to put in words, and it's something that when you're not feeling it, you dread. You dread feeling [it], you dread the idea of falling on a ladder, falling off a ladder, or climbing a ladder. Have you climbed a ladder? It's scary man.”

Sami Zayn has spent the last month gloating about his successful Championship win. On the most recent episode of SmackDown, Daniel Bryan suggested that the Intercontinental Championship be defended every week. This was an idea that Sami Zayn vehemently rejected. You can check out the full results of the most recent episode of SmackDown here.

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