Sami Zayn Doesn't Watch SmackDown; 'Any Show I'm On Is Better Because I'm On it'

So it looks like Sami Zayn, everyone's favorite loveable underdog/cab-driver/ska-enthusiast has a bit of an ego on him.

He was interviewed for the Spanish Language website Planeta Wrestling, and was asked how he feels about the perception that fans prefer SmackDown over Raw, the brand that he's on.

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"That's fine. As long as they're watching and enjoying the show, good for them. I just appreciate you guys supporting WWE, I really do. I just feel like any show I'm on is better because I'm on it. Naturally I've felt like that my whole career. Even when I was wrestling on little shows in front of 100 people I just thought 'This is the place to be because I'm here.' So I feel like RAW is the show, like THE show. I don't really watch SmackDown. If I was on SmackDown then SmackDown would be the show. That's just the way my brain has always kind of worked. But if you prefer SmackDown that's fine, just thank you for the support either way."

So according to Sami Zayn, just because he's on Raw, it's not a bad show, it's not a good show, it's THE show.

There's more Roman Reigns in Sami Zayn than we all realized.

Except for the fact that Sami always loses.

That kind of makes him the opposite of Roman.

He does make sure to thank fans for the support either way, which is pretty gracious and humble, but that's probably just the Canada talking.

Unfortunately for all of you out there fantasy booking a Sami Zayn/AJ Styles feud on SmackDown, it looks like Sami is perfectly happy right where he is.

Getting the piss beaten out of him on Raw and making dudes look like a million bucks.


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