Sami Zayn Feels That Wrestling Fans Should Ease Up On WWE's Creative Writers

Sami Zayn wants fans to take it easy on the creative team.

Over the past few weeks, one of the topics of the wrestling world has been about the scolding of WWE by fans because of the product that WWE has been putting out over the past year mainly on Monday Night RAW. The ratings for the show have been hitting lows and viewers of the show have attributed those stats to lack of creativity and have openly voiced their displeasure on social media.

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A number of former WWE creative writers including current IMPACT Wrestling creative writer Jimmy Jacobs spoke at length about the difficulties of writing television 52 weeks a year in WWE. Creative writers have shared their opinions and viewers of the product have given theirs as well and a wrestler in the form of Sami Zayn chimed in on the conversation too when he sat down with Chris Jericho for an episode of 'Talk Is Jericho' and Sami said that it is easy for people to critique the creative writing when they do not know how difficult the job is or how tasking it can be to want something changed that has already been formulated into a script.

“Yeah and you gotta run it up the chain of command and it’s very difficult and, man people don’t know, and you don’t know unless you’re there. You truly don’t know unless you’re there, and not to do with nothing but I just want to take this time, to actually give the writers a little bit of a break, because they get crapped on the most, but people don’t understand how it works there, and it's not the writers, it’s not the agents, it’s not the talents, it’s just something about the system that it works a very specific way and unless you’re in it you don’t know." Sami explained. "So it’s very easy to sit at home and watch and go, ‘Why are they pushing this person? What are they doing?’ Man, it’s harder than you think. Cut everybody some slack. It's tricky. Neither here nor there. I’m just saying because it’s very hard to explain to people who aren’t in it.” Sami said. “But even if Vince has an idea and you wanna change it, getting it to Vince, you know like, ‘Oh man, well the show is already… we’re about to go live’ and that might affect what they’re doing in seg 6 like it’s very… it’s a puzzle piece, and I’m not putting the heat all on Vince and saying it’s just one guy. No, he factors into a lot of stuff you don’t factor in. I’ve gone to him before with what I thought was a really good idea and he’s like, ‘Oh but it doesn’t work and here’s why’ and I’m like, Oh okay, yeah’.”



As mentioned, Jimmy Jacobs shared his experiences writing television for WWE and he also did an interview with Fightful recently. Jimmy discussed IMPACT's move to the 'Pursuit Channel' and to hear that audio, check it out on the Fightful Pro Wrestling YouTube channel.

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