Sammy Guevara Details His Memorable AEW Stadium Stampede Moments

The Stadium Stampede at AEW Double or Nothing received rave reviews -- Chris Jericho thinks it should win an Emmy! -- from fans across the wrestling world. Though ten men were involved in the match, Sammy Guevara stole the show with how he put his body on the line.

Guevara took a 100-yard northern lights suplex, a one-winged angel off the top of the stadium, was chased by a horse and golf cart, got hit in the face with a sprinkler, and more.

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Appearing on Talk Is Jericho with the rest of the Inner Circle, Guevara detailed his memorable night at TIAA Bank Field.

"My first initial thought was, 'when will I ever get an opportunity to jump off a stadium?'" wondered Sammy when he first saw the stadium and heard about the match. "I texted Tony [Khan] and was like, 'I will legit jump off the stadium.' I don't know if he thought I was kidding because he didn't reply. I texted him again, 'I'll jump off the stadium, I'm serious.' He hearted the message. Well, he saw it at least."

Chris Jericho noted that "hearting a message" is a big thing Tony Khan does.

Early in the match, Sammy was run off the field by Hangman Page, who was riding a horse.

"Before it started chasing me, we had to move the mascot because it was [spooking the horse] and he didn't want to run," recalled Sammy. "All I thought was, 'now the horse is pissed and he's going to trample me.' I was running for my life, legit, because I didn't know if the Jaguar mascot had scared him."

After taking the 100-yard northern lights suplex, Sammy was hit in the face by the sprinkler system, which he said, "hurts when it hits your face that close."

Thinking he had won the match as the last man standing, Sammy was confronted by his old enemy: the golf cart. Guevara had previously been run down by a golf cart driven by Matt Hardy on AEW Dynamite. Guevara said he should've "turned left or right" to escape, but instead made a straight dash into the stands.

The ending of the bout came when Kenny Omega hit the one-winged angel off a platform onto the deck below, which wasn't what Sammy originally had in mind when he wanted to jump off the stadium.

"The big finish, originally, I was just thinking of jumping off and doing something. Jumping off onto the field or onto the wooden box they built, but that changed not into my favor. I'm thinking, 'I'm gonna jump off and do something cool' and it changed to 'what if we do something cool to you.'"

Before the spot was shot, it had been raining at the stadium, which halted production for a bit. Sammy was worried that Kenny would slip as the platform was still a little wet and that would be the end of them. He said that there was a giant puddle on the pad below and that when they hit, they were met with the puddle of cold water. He was relieved he was alive, but also very cold.

Despite taking crazy bumps, Sammy didn't suffer any major injuries. At least not from the actual bumps.

"I took all these moves, very beat up the next day, but the worst part was jumping onto the platform, my shin hit the corner of it and the next morning, it was all blown up," he said.

Sammy needed a scooter on the following episode of AEW Dynamite, but has since healed from the match. He is set to compete against Colt Cabana on Wednesday's episode of AEW Dynamite.

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