Samoa Joe Doesn't Catalog Disappointments, Believes He May Get A Real WrestleMania Moment One Day

Samoa Joe believes in living for tomorrow instead of reflecting on yesterday.

Samoa Joe was one of the top names in TNA Wrestling before finally making the decision to come to WWE in 2015. Ultimately, Joe would have a great run in WWE NXT but upon being called up to the main roster, a series of unfortunate events would transpire, and Joe, for one reason or another, would never hold WWE World Championship gold or have a proper match at WrestleMania.

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Joe would have a match at WrestleMania but it would be a match lasting less than 3 minutes, where he would win the WWE United States Championship from Rey Mysterio in 2019. Speaking on the latest Kurt Angle Show, Joe reflected on his main roster run thus far, noting he is not one to reflect on negativity as he feels it hinders future growth.

“It's tough for me to wrap my head around this line of questioning because I didn't start this career trying to catalog disappointments. I didn't start this journey trying to tell myself man this didn't work out or that didn't work out. There's a ton of things that were pretty grand ideas in my life that didn't work out and none of them I would carry or harbor as regret. It's useless. It's pointless. I mean, if you're so focused on the past, you limit your ability to accomplish in the future, and I still got things in the future I'm looking forward to and I'm not trying to carry that baggage. So no, not at all, and once again, in the insanity of this industry, one never knows.”

This year at WrestleMania, Samoa Joe would be on commentary during the first-ever rain delay in Wrestlemania history. For Samoa Joe, he believed as a Tampa resident that the rain would eventually die down, as that is typical in the region. However, WWE did what they needed to do to keep their biggest show of the year on track.

“I remember it was pouring as much as I thought it would. Being a part-time Tampa resident here and understanding very much how the weather works, it's the two o'clock shower. Everybody says it, around two o'clock comes runs through wrecks everything, and then dries out around six. I knew it was only gonna be a short time but let me tell you, it was coming down.

“That plastic over the top of the trust was looking rough. A lot of big bubbles started to form. We were just hoping that it wasn’t going to be a splash zone down there. I mean that is the fun of live television and -- for us that had gone through it, it was a blast for me between takes, we’re just laughing at the situation because everybody's scrambling, trying to keep the set dry.”

Furthermore, Samoa Joe would call the last two years of his career the most chaotic, saying that he has seen different facets of the industry and that he wishes the fan base could understand everything he's seen.

“By far. I think a lot of fans wonder why, but if you get to understand the many facets of this industry that I've experienced in these past two years, coupled with you know, a global pandemic, and all the inherent craziness that comes with that. Yeah, I've probably learned more in these two years about the general metaphor of what we do and what it takes to do what we do than I have in the rest of my career.”

Samoa Joe is currently leaving his future in the hands of fate but he does state that he has been working regularly with the scouting department of WWE and is really invested in finding the next top WWE star.

“I'm leaving my goals open because they change as the wind does but right now, I'm working extensively with the scouting department of WWE. Obviously, I'm very anxious to kind of get out there in the world and find the next great Superstar and that's kind of been the focus of my efforts as of late. Yeah, that's been kind of nice. You know, I think I have a pretty good eye for talent, so I'm definitely on the hunt.”

Joe was supposed to be working more hands-on with the future of WWE as NXT champion but unfortunately, he had to relinquish the belt before the start of NXT 2.0 on Tuesday, September 14.

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