Samu Anoa'i Issues A Heartfelt Statement Following The WXW Benefit Show

Samu Anoa'i is thankful.

World Wrestling Entertainment partnered up with the WXW promotion for a benefit show for former 5-time WXW Heavyweight Champion Samu Anoa'i. There were WWE superstars in attendance at the show along with various Hall Of Famers and those who are considered legends of the wrestling business. Samu expressed his gratitude to everyone that came out to Allentown to support and he wrote a lengthy message on Facebook in-which he opened up about everything he was feeling up until the time he put the post together:

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I want to take minute and say thank you to each and every one of you for yesterday Wednesday May 29th 2019.

I woke up yesterday and felt like I was still dreaming. I reflected on my life and my career and how many positives and negatives I’ve had along the way.

Then I realized that each and every one of you were coming out to support me no matter what. I can never put into words that feeling.

I broke down several times yesterday but none harder than to see my wife, children and grandchildren all in the same place and all looking at me with such love in their eyes and hearts.

Then I got the chance to sit and talk to my fellow wrestling brothers and family.

I want to thank my father, for all his love and support over the years and for teaching me to be the man I am today and also for helping me to communicate to WWE my request to have such a crazy and unheard of event, but my father being the father that he is went to bat for us and now with the WWEs help, the rest is history, I love you dad with all my heart, thank you. None of this would have been possible without you.

I want to thank the WWE, Vince McMahon, and his entire crew for all they have done for me and for my family through the years and even as of yesterday.

Without you there would be no Headshrinker Samu. Without the fans and without my family there would be no Headshrinker Samu.

For so many years and as strong as I thought I was on the road performing night after night, nothing hit me harder than my doctor telling me 3 words …. You have cancer.

Yesterday, I felt like I was top of the world again and my body was fine. The sad truth is it is not but I know that I have family and friends that will be here for me every step of the way. Believe me when I say that is the best feeling a man can ask for.

To sit and thank each and every one of you by name would be impossible because there are just so many to count.

So let me just say to the WWE, I have nothing but love and respect. You are all my family. To Vince McMahon and his family, you did not hesitate to step in and help when my father bestowed my requests to you. I owe you and love you all.

To the WWE boys who came, I have nothing but love and respect for you all taking the time out of your own lives to sit with me and help me through this. Words still can’t express my gratitude.

To my WSTC / WXWC4 / C4 Nation -my family, what can I say. You are here day after day and week after week and I thank you and love you all for making yesterday much more than I ever could have imagined. The gifts of love, support and donations were testimonial for the cause and I am truly grateful and humbled.

To my son Lance, in my eyes son you are the future. It’s just that simple. You acted so very professional and did exactly what you were taught to do yesterday. To sit and watch you take control of the evening and steer it in to such a successful show DAY was a very proud moment for me, not to mention seeing you on RAW which again brought tears to my eyes. You will succeed son. Do your part and your limits are endless.

To the rest of my family including my daughters Samantha and Vanessa, Leila, Erica, Zaraina I love you all and my grandkids more than you will ever know, you guys are the heart that beats in my chest.

To my wife Melissa. What can I say you are my rock and you are my best friend. I couldn’t not have life without you. Its not been easy for you putting up with me, and I know I’m difficult a lot yet you deal with me and I don’t give you enough credit but the truth truly is there is no me without you. Thank you for loving me.

I want to simply just say this. wrestling terms lol..

No matter what happens or no matter what God decides for me, my run was great. My run was fantastic. I wouldn’t change it for the world. (maybe a few things lol)

The only thing I will say, is as you all know I don’t just lay down. I kick out. This evil cancer has knocked me down and it has been close to a three count on many days but I kick out with the help and support of my friends and family.

Yesterday, I kicked out and even made a small comeback. I am humbled with the continued support and I know when the times are tough, and the chips are down I can crawl over to my corner and make the hot tag to each and every one of you.

I love you all may God bless you.

Samu Anoa'i

Ahead of the benefit show, Lance Anoa'i made an appearance on WWE RAW and went one-on-one with Shane McMahon

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