Santos Escobar: I Still Want Rey Mysterio's Legacy, But Not Through Disrespect; We're Familia

Santos Escobar paid tribute to Rey Mysterio at NXT Halloween Havoc 2020 by wearing the famous purple skeleton gear that Mysterio wore at WCW Halloween Havoc 1997.

In 2023, Escobar and Mysterio shared a moment on WWE SmackDown when they presented each other with their masks.

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Speaking to Fightful's Sean Ross Sapp, Escobar reflectd on the segment and how much it meant to him.

"All my career, up until 2018, I wore masks. The tradition of the mask is once you lose the mask in a mask vs. mask official match, you can never wear it again to compete. I did that, but when I came here, I felt the need to present what I'm about and what I represent, which is lucha libre. Lucha libre is a sport, it's entertainment, but for us, it's more than that. It's my THC, much like the substance. Tradition, heritage, and culture. It's even more than that. In Mexico, it's politics, geography, and society. Every family knows and respects and represents lucha libre across Mexico. I felt the need to show that. The only way to do it was to wear the mask again. Of course, down the line, I unmasked, because I had to and needed to. Then I presented you with Santos Escobar. Then I started with this familia [Legado del Fantasma], which I abducted at first [laughs], but I only showed them the truth, and now, here we are, still representing who we are, where we come from and what we're about," said Escobar.

He continued, "The thing with Rey was, even back on NXT when I wore his gear from Halloween Havoc. I wanted his legacy. The only way to get it is going through him. When I got here, I thought I wanted that, I still do, but once we crossed paths in that fatal four-way, I realized that I admire and respect the hell out of Rey, which is why I presented him with my mask, much like I did with my dad back in October, when I kneeled and gave him my mask. It's a sign of respect. I shed my skin for you. I give you my skin. I did it for Rey, and much to my surprise, he gave me his. It was a very intimate moment in the locker room, but we got the opportunity to present it to the WWE Universe and they understood it. Now, Dom [Dominik Mysterio] disrespecting his dad, lucha libre is one big family. It's much more than sports entertainment, masks, and colorful moves. It's familia. It's Vin Diesel and me. We're all about familia. That's why we ride or die together, familia. When we saw that, we couldn't let that happen. Do I still want Rey's legacy? Of course. Not like this though. He's a Hall of Famer, a legend. Not just a lucha libre legend, a legend. His son is disrespecting him, it's disrespecting me. When you disrespect me, you're in. Now, we have to protect this familia. Rey has a one-on-one match with Dom. He needs to correct Dom. We know Judgment Day is going to try and involve themselves. We know that. What do they represent? They represent nothing good. They represent the disrespect of everything. That won't last."

Legado Del Fantasma has sided with Rey in his battle against Dominik and Judgment Day leading up to WrestleMania 39. On Friday's SmackDown, Rey reformed the LWO with Legado Del Fantasma.

Rey and Dominik are set to clash at night one of WrestleMania 39. Fans can check out the lineup for the show by clicking here.

Fans can watch the full interview with Santos Escobar and Cruz Del Toro in the video above.

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