Saraya Reflects On AEW Debut Promo, Wishes She Didn't Say 'Finally A Boss That Listens' Line

In Saraya's first AEW promo following her debut at AEW Grand Slam, she explained that she would lead a women's revolution in AEW and praised various female talents, while also taking some knocks at Britt Baker.

Saraya previously admitted that she was a little rusty in the promo.

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Speaking on Busted Open Radio, Saraya gave further reflection to the promo.

"I was so mortified by the promo myself that I actually second guessed coming back altogether. 'Did I just make a mistake? Did I make myself look so awful?' People like Dean Malenko was like, 'You went out there, you said on the microphone that you were nervous.' I really was. I was terrified. I have never been so terrified in my career. Even when I debuted, won different championships, I was terrified, but not as terrified as coming back after five years, going to a different company in front of a new group of fans, in front of all these people watching you and they want to see you fail or do good. There was a lot of eyes," she said.

When Busted Open host Dave LeGreca said that he saw the promo as Saraya listing her accomplishments while explaining why she chose to be in AEW, and not trying to act bigger than the promotion or the division, Saraya agreed.

"I wanted to come across more, 'is she a good guy or a bad guy too?' Just the way I delivered it, it wasn't my proudest promo I've done. If I had to own up a promo, which I ended up having with Britt, I had to redeem myself. Moxley helped out a lot with these promos. With that one, he was like, 'Speak from the heart. Stop trying to plan a promo out in your head. Speak from experience and more personal' without taking low blow jabs just, 'I'm a star.' Then it was, 'who is the babyface and who is the heel' with me and Britt. We decided it doesn't matter, you don't have to have a definitive babyface or heel," she said.

Saraya continued, "The one thing I do wish I didn't say, I got asked to say a certain sentence, the sentence where I was like, 'Finally, a boss that listens to me' I wish I didn't take that low hanging fruit. I've always spoke highly of WWE because they helped me a lot. I love AEW. There is no reason to take that low hanging fruit and I feel that caused a lot of tribalism and negative reaction. There are some things you wish you didn't say, and that's one of them. I feel it would have gone smoother if I wouldn't have said that. I understand why people were made, 'but I'm playing a character. Be quiet.'"

Saraya would eventually turn heel alongside Toni Storm as The Outcasts in a battle with Britt Baker, Jamie Hayter, and other AEW originals.

Jamie Hayter will be in action against Riho on Wednesday's AEW Dynamite.

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