Sasha Banks Says Alexa Bliss Is "Just Here To Be Another Girl"

Last night following her count-out victory over Women's Champion Alexa Bliss at Great Balls of Fire, Sasha Banks was a guest on RAW Talk, hosted by Renee Young and Peter Rosenberg.

Now, the scuttlebutt backstage has always been that Banks and Bliss just plain don't like each other, even going back as far as their time in NXT. Dana Brooke spoke about the enmity between the two on the Great Balls of Fire Kickoff Show.

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On RAW Talk, Banks spoke about how their rivalry originated:

"You know, she came in so cute, so humbled. She came in so fake, with her fake little stories, her fake little, 'I loved wrestling growing up, I love Matt Hardy.' You know what? You can’t even tell the difference between Jeff and Matt. You idiot.

Yeah, we call you on all your lies, sweetheart. You’re just here to be another girl. Another heel. You just want to be here for a Hollywood act. You’re on Total Divas now, you’re getting what you want and you can talk your way into everything, but you know what? You can’t run away from me.

You can talk this, but you can’t walk the walk - cause you’ll never be me. I’m a three-time Women’s Champion for a reason, and I will be a four-time Women’s Champion very soon. I won that match tonight, and I demand my rematch."

Banks continued:

"You know, when you work so hard at trying to live your dreams since you were 10 years old and you see girls just come in and get everything handed to them because they want to play a certain way or act a certain way and just legit talk your way into a championship match, but (they) want to run away when it gets hard.

I’ve never run away. I’ve always worked my butt off to get here. And I’ve worked my butt off to stay here. And I’m going to keep on doing that until I need to prove to her and everyone out there that ever doubted me - I’m the best for the reason. I’m THE best. I’m the greatest women’s wrestler this company’s ever seen. And if she doesn’t believe me, she better just watch me."

Renee Young made the mistake of trying to give Alexa credit for working her way up the ladder of the Women's Division, and Sasha put a quick stop to that:

"What work, Renee? Look, you don’t have to come from the Indies to be here, but you do have to respect it. You don’t need to lie your way saying 'Oh my god, I love this company.' Girl, you don’t need to lie, just be yourself. And if she was herself, maybe I would like her. There are girls who don’t like this business, but they learn to respect it. And she doesn’t show any respect. And that’s what I’m gonna teach her - respect."

Rosenberg made one final attempt at dragging a compliment out of Sasha, but that went literally nowhere.

And in case you were wondering what Alexa's response was to all of this:

Yeah, it doesn't look like this feud is cooling off anytime soon.

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