Scotty 2 Hotty: New NXT Coach

Scotty 2 Hotty returns to WWE's payroll as a coach at NXT.

The retired wrestler brings eighteen years of experience into the Performance Center, after several years away from the WWE. His career was almost exclusively cruiserweight style matches and tag-team matches. The two-time tag champion and former light-heavyweight champion saw the most success when aligned with Brian Christopher and Rikishi Fatu, when they became one of the most popular acts in the WWE in 2000. The trio known as "Too Cool" would go from comedy act to serious contenders. Scotty 2 Hotty created one of the biggest things to contribute to Too Cool's success, The Worm.

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The Worm followed a bulldog. With the opponent laying near and parallel to the ropes, Scotty 2 Hotty would spread his arms and run in place with a crazed look. He would then stop swing his arms back and forth making a deep "Woo" sound. He would spell out the word "worm" while hopping in a semi-circle on one foot to the other side of the ring. Then came the actual worm, the dance move which would be mimicked at every 8th grade prom in 2000.

The worm was fifty percent of Too Cool's mark on wrestling. Mentioning the squad is near impossible without mentioning Rikishi Fatu's stink face, a move where he stuck his ass on people's faces. Scotty joins another former partner at the Performance Center, Matt Bloom. The two teamed together briefly, with Bloom being referred to as 'The Hip Hop Hippo.'

Since leaving the WWE in 2007, He went on to firefighting and occasionally appearing on WWE TV and a few other promotions.

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