Sean Raw Sapp (5/22): Podcast Notes, Finn Balor, Paul Heyman, Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins Team

Opening Segment

  • I can't pretend I get anything out of a Bray Wyatt promo. There's some good interaction, though. For what it was worth I liked it.
  • Bray says he'll beat Lesnar. He lost in handicap tag matches to Lesnar last year.
  • Kurt Angle makes a match between the two to a big pop. He says the 5-Way could be the most important match of the new era.
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Roman Reigns defeated Bray Wyatt via DQ

  • Roman hits one of the best leaping clotheslines I've seen from Reigns, but he should ditch the corner clotheslines.
  • Samoa Joe attacks Reigns, but Rollins makes the save to a big pop. 
  • What the shit kind of song was playing at the end of that Rollins segment? Oh, the Extreme Rules theme.
  • Backstage later, Reigns is the "I DON'T NEEEEED ANY PARTNERS" guy. They'll face Joe & Wyatt later.

Backstage Crappenings

  • The Drifter gets booked against Dean Ambrose. More big pops. Crowd is lit tonight.
  • Noam Dar fit really well in his promo with Sasha. I guess WWE characters aren't allowed to have relationships outside of WWE.
  • Enzo is laid out in the back with his sneaker above his head. Even when he sells dead it's good. He says he doesn't know who attacked him.
  • Kalisto isn't happy with Apollo Crews and accuses him of attacking Enzo. Titus is really good here too, and sets up a match.

Akira Tozawa defeated Ariya Daivari

  • They keep interviewing Kendrick during the match.
  • Nothing can ever be organic in WWE, so they make sure to let you know HEELS HATE TOZAWA screaming.
  • In the middle of all this, these two have a good match that ends with a hellacious senton bomb.

Elias Samson defeated Dean Ambrose via DQ

  • The Drifter has a great amount of heat. I don't know if they turned the mics up or if this is the best crowd of the year, but everyone seems like a star.
  • I don't enjoy the Drifter's style of in-ring wrestling.
  • Samson landed an awesome knee to a flying Ambrose. 
  • The rebound lariat should only work on rookies.
  • Miz comes into the ring and hits Samson, giving him the win. Ambrose is livid. Why should Ambrose care? Money isn't a thing in WWE. 
  • Samson hits his finish on Ambrose.

Finn Balor defeated Karl Anderson (w/ Luke Gallows)

  • Paul Heyman came out and cut a good promo where he put over Balor and said he hopes Lesnar faces Balor for the title.  
  • I can't believe they didn't make something out of this program. It was right there and would give these three guys (Balor, Anderson, Gallows) something to do out of the title pictures.
  • This is what you'd expect. Lots of kicks. Crowd was into it every step of the way.

Sasha Banks defeated Alicia Fox (w/ Noam Dar)

  • This is a really hard hitting match.
  • They have girls hold the top rope now instead of being cradled by it after the Emma injury.
  • Sasha Banks slaps Dar. Was he going to hit her? Scissors Kick from Alicia.
  • Alicia needs a new theme.

Kalisto defeated Apollo Crews

  • Apollo is in control, but Titus' shouting distracts Apollo and Kalisto wins.
  • I don't like where this is headed. Apollo has a chance with Titus.

Matt Hardy (w/ Jeff Hardy) defeated Sheamus (w/ Cesaro)

  • Another hard hitting match, as is tradition from Sheamus.
  • This match had some stakes, which is always a good thing.
  • That Sheamus knee is a work of art.
  • Fair match. Matt Hardy wins.

Austin Aries defeated Tony Nese

  • Both of these guys are really good, but the WWE cruiserweight style isn't that unlike anything else we see on the show.
  • Neville attacks Tony Nese after the match. I'm down with that.

Alexa Bliss defeated Mickie James

  • Everyone seems like they're working stiff tonight.
  • Alexa's selling is good, but a little redundant.
  • Alexa using a DDT finish is KOO.
  • Bliss takes a cane to Mickie, but Bayley makes the save.
  • Bayley was going to go after Alexa, but Bliss left. Good old school stuff.

Bray Wyatt & Samoa Joe defeated Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins

  • While I think the 5-way will be outstanding, I wasn't particularly excited about this pointless match.
  • Everything picks up with Rollins.
  • It seems as if the "injured knee" deal is out the window. Good. 
  • There was a tease of dissension between Reigns and Rollins. 
  • Balor wants a match next week, and he gets a triple threat against Wyatt and Joe.
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