Sean Raw Sapp (6/19): Match Ratings, Podcast Notes, Analysis

Opening segment

  • Roman Reigns came out wearing something that had me begging for the chest protector to be back.
  • Reigns drops a great line on Undertaker, then demanded a title shot. This ruled, and had great heat. 
  • Samoa Joe came out and cut a great promo, and Roman Reigns fires right back and says he's "just Joe."
  • Joe headbutts Reigns! They go at it and Joe retreats. They have a match tonight.
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Hardy Boyz defeated Anderson & Gallows

  • Anderson cut off a Whisper in the Wind in pretty cool fashion. 
  • Later, Hardy almost kills Anderson on one. 
  • Anderson is selling his ass off for the Hardy Boyz.
  • Matt Hardy kicks out of the Boot of Doom. They're being protected big time.
  • Hardy Boyz win. They're still super over three months in. Usually WWE finds a way to mess teams up by now.

Backstage crappenings

  • They have to change up these Goldust promos. Truth's was probably his best, though.
  • Graves disappears after the Balor/Bo match. He says he knows Angle didn't have a good Father's day. Enzo & Cass show up and Angle says he'll figure their situation out tonight. Conor McGregor is brought up.
  • We see Angle talking to the Revival who are DRESSED TO COMPETE.
  • Axel is consoling Bo Dallas. He says he admired Bo's motto, but Bo says "I stole that from a poster with a cat on it." Miz wants them in his entourage.
  • Charly Caruso just stunted on you hos with that interview intro. Joe hits his obligatory "you see."

Finn Balor vs. Bo Dallas

  • Elias Samson is strumming, and he's interrupted by Finn Balor. I thought it was Elias playing the theme at first.
  • Make Bo Bray's whipping boy already. Give them a tag run. Something. 
  • Bo Dallas really beats the shit out of Balor.
  • The egregious camera zooms are back.
  • The Coup De Grace does NOT need that damn camera zoom. If Balor is gonna do a move that kills people, at least let the viewer see it.
  • Balor comeback, win.
  • Later, Elias Samson attacks Balor. D-Von got a big pop tending to Balor.

Rollins promo

  • Rollins touts his WWE 2K18 cover and cuts a white meat babyface promo. 
  • Wyatt is like "AY BRO. YOU SHILL." Makes sense. 
  • Wyatt comes out and Rollins dives on him. Production got a cool visual with the cut on Rollins' cheek. 

Akira Tozawa (w/ Titus O'Neil) defeated TJP

  • I look forward to Titus O'Neil segments each week.
  • TJP heel dabs are great now.
  • We get some good, quick paced action before Neville comes out.
  • This is a good match. Tozawa wins, and his chants are over. He gets it.
  • Neville cuts a promo, and Titus fires back. 

Samoa Joe defeated Roman Reigns

  • I'm okay with some matches happening for the first time on Raw, but EVERYTHING does. 
  • A PPV paced match leading up hour 3 of Raw. Being a first timer does make it better, but there are no stakes -- a bummer for these two.
  • Reigns creams Joe with a spear but Joe gets his foot on the ropes.
  • Graves: "WOW. WOW. WOW. WOW." Same, dude.
  • Strowman is back to a huge pop. Get the shit out of there Joe
  • Joe chokes out Reigns! Excellent match, big return.
  • Strowman challenges Reigns to an Ambulance match and drops the mic.


Miz TV with Maryse

  • Miz has repaired the grandfather clock by watching youtube videos. 
  • The bears are there, holding signs. I want the bears, the Gobbdledygooker, the Bunny, Jack Swagger's eagle, The San Diego Chicken all duking it out. 
  • Ambrose comes out and Miz just has the worst day ever. He spills a drink and falls on the clock.
  • The bears attack Ambrose! It's Bo and Axel!!

Sheamus and Cesaro defeated The Titus Brand

  • Titus is over, and he reminds us he is a great hot tag.
  • This is a good, hard hitting, quick match.
  • Sheamus and Cesaro's new tag finish is sweet. 
  • Good, quick. 

Nia Jax defeated Sasha Banks via DQ

  • Sasha Banks' double knee move set keeps impressing me. She's gotta innovate and add, though.
  • This match breaks down quickly as Alexa Bliss and Emma get involved.
  • Why did Bliss and Emma team up? They were literally just chasing each other.
  • Nia Jax trips running the ropes.
  • Bayley has some new gear and kicks everyone's asses
  • Man, this booking is a mess.

Final segment

  • It makes no sense for Enzo to do this intro right now.
  • Revival and Big Show are out. Big Show says he doesn't even need to be on this show.
  • Dawson's old crotchety man promo delivery is great.
  • Corey Graves start poking holes through Cass' story. 
  • Bring back GTV.
  • It was Cass! He admits it, and goes off on Enzo. 
  • Enzo is delivering tears.
  • Cass bringing the fire. Enzo bringing the fire. Damn
  • Cass boots Enzo. Go back and watch this promo. 
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