Sean Waltman Reveals The Bronco Buster Was Banned In WCW

As X-Pac in WWE, Sean Waltman had plenty of leeway as a member of D-Generation X.

Though his leeway would seemingly be the same in WCW as a member of the New World Order, he wasn't allowed to do arguably his most famous move under the Turner banner.

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Speaking on his podcast X-Pac 1,2,360, Waltman revealed that the bronco buster was banned in WCW, where he performed as Syxx.

"When I was first trying to get it over, they banned the move, they banned that shit on WCW. Standards and practices did. By the time I got back to [WWE], there was a lot worse shit happening on TV. In WCW, the match where Scott [Hall] and I drop the Tag Team Titles to the Steiners, I go to do it to Rick and he wouldn't take it. He wouldn't stay in the corner. Scotty would try to set it up for me and he wouldn't do it. The second time I try to do it, he puts his foot up and hits me in the balls," recalled Waltman.

The move became the stuff of legend in WWE, where multiple wrestlers would begin using it. WCW and Turner seemed to lighten their stance on the move as Rey Mysterio performed the corner crotch rider as part of the Filthy Animals.

Waltman also revealed that that the move came from Hakushi, who would do the busting part, but wouldn't add the bronco riding. That part was all Waltman leaning into his personality.

Elsewhere during the podcast, Waltman revealed that he could have one more run in him after he gets a long-term injury fixed. You can find his full comments on a potential return by clicking here.

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