Sean "X-Pac" Waltman Reacts To Eric Bischoff Saying That He Was A "Competent Performer" When Sober

Eric Bischoff reiterates a comment that he made about Sean Waltman in his book.

During the fifth episode of Eric Bischoff's '83 Weeks' podcast which is hosted by Conrad Thompson, Bischoff elaborated on the WWF finally beating Nitro in the ratings and discussed the 1998 DX invasion where the group showed up outside of the 'Norfolk Scope' Arena in Norfolk, VA where Nitro was being held on that specific day. Bischoff went on to share his comments about the members of D-Generation X and eventually spoke on Sean "X-Pac" Waltman.

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Bischoff stated that Waltman was an acceptable worker while he was sober. Bischoff noted in his book 'Controversy Creates Cash' that Waltman's sober periods were far and few in between and that he was "lucky to have a job". Waltman caught wind of what Eric Bischoff stated on '83 Weeks' and responded to the comments on the latest edition of his own podcast, 'X Pac 12360' .

"What Eric said, ‘He was a competent performer when sober’, all that, I’m almost positive he said that in his book which came out quite a while after this happened. So, yeah it was a sh***y thing to say in his book but I don’t take that personal and it was said after I came out, and we came at him pretty hard." Waltman said. "So, I absolutely don’t have a problem with that except for the fact that when I worked for WCW I was one of the cleanest guys working for them, I didn’t even touch alcohol, I didn’t touch any pills, all I did was smoke pot, that’s it, and trust me that was the least of the s**t that was going on around there."

Towards the later end of Waltman's run in WCW he suffered an injury which kept him out the ring for a number of weeks. While Waltman was recuperating at home he was fired by Eric Bischoff by mail. Waltman did not dive too deep into responding to his firing from WCW but he stated that he does have documents that were not worth arguing about at the current moment.

"If I am going to go by what the letter of termination said, it said I was fired for non-performance, for not being able to perform. It’s kinda sh***y but maybe they technically had a leg to stand on. I don’t know, we’re not litigating that right now. I can produce the documents but I don’t think it’s worth that." He said.


To take a listen to the full '83 Weeks' podcast episode where Eric Bischoff discussed the DX invasion, click here.

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