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Sting's First AEW Shirt Breaks PW Tees 24-Hour Sales Record.

When Sting showed up on the December 2nd episode of AEW Dynamite, it shocked the Wrestling World. Fightful's Robert DeFelice has a story on a record-breaking day for Stinger. It is nothing new for Sting to have high merchandise revenue. During the 1990's nobody on the WCW roster had more merchandise than Sting.

This is not including the merchandise numbers he split with others like in his NWO Wolfpack days. He possibly could have made money on merchandise he didn't deserve, no fault on his own, though. Here is part of a transcript that Fightful published in a story about Chris Jericho when he was on The Major Figure Wrestling Podcast. He told the hosts Zack Ryder and Brian Myers about how WCW and their royalty checks.

"When I was in WCW, that was my first action figure. The first one was a set with Dean Malenko. My girlfriend at the time found one and bought it at Walmart or wherever. On the receipt, it didn't say Malenko-Jericho; it said Hogan-Sting. That's when I realized every single action figure sold at that time, maybe not across the world, but in that store, was attributed to Hogan. I was told that's impossible, but I have the receipt".

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