Seth Rollins Brings Back The Curb Stomp On WWE Raw, Tweets About The Move

Seth Rollins brought back a move from his repertoire tonight.

Tonight on Raw, Seth Rollins used the curb stomp, known as the Blackout, for the first time in years in his match against Finn Balor, who he faced off in the main event of Raw. Here are the final moments of the match via our coverage:

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Balor goes for a sling blade and Rollins lands one of his own for a near fall, Rollins crushes Balor with a few strikes in the corner before eating a sling blade. Rollins catches a charging Balor with a super kick for a near fall, Rollins goes for the Rip Cord and Balor nails him with a forearm strike. Rollins gets back up and he drops Balor with an enzaguri, Rollins goes to the top rope and he rolls through a missed phoenix splash. Balor then catches Rollins with a shotgun drop kick, Balor goes to the top rope and Rollins meets him up there to land a superplex into a falcon arrow for a near fall. Rollins goes back to the top rope and Balor gets a near fall after getting his knees up, The Bar come out and Jordan causes them to brawl with The Club.

Balor then takes everybody out with a suicide dive, Balor then drops Rollins with an enzaguri before missing a Cupe De Grace. Jordan trips up Balor and Rollins nails him with the Black Out for the three count.

When Rollins branched out as a singles star in 2014, he started to use the move as a finisher. One day, however, it was dropped and Rollins opted to use the pedigree instead. He's also done a short arm knee to the face called the Kingslayer. 

WWE announcers didn't explicitly refer to the move as "The Curb Stomp" upon its return, instead just saying "stomp." In the past, The controversial source of a name (and it's presence in the film "American History X") were a reason it was banned, along with Vince McMahon not liking the lasting image of a head being stomped into the mat.

Rollins Tweeted on the return of the move, which you can see below.


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