Shane Douglas Blasts Vince McMahon, Ric Flair, Dixie Carter, More During Indie Show Rant

Shane Douglas went on a rant for the ages over the weekend.

The former ECW World Champion took shots at WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, Ric Flair, and former TNA President/owner Dixie Carter -- among others -- during an in-ring promo at AdenaMania 2, an event held this past Saturday, February 11, in Frankfort, Ohio.

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Douglas was there to wrestle Bobby Fulton, best known as one half of the Fantastics, who also was the promoter for an event that also included Road Warrior Animal.

Prior to the match, though, Douglas got on the microphone and things got very interesting after that. 

Douglas proceeded to rant, noting that while WWF was taking a more PG approach in the mid-1990s that Douglas described as "cartoonland, the type of stuff the little kiddies here in the audience here like, we started a company called ECW."

Douglas kept going from there, and said the following:

I told Vince where he could shove it, and told bimbos like Dixie Carter how she was screwing it up. For those of you who weren’t a part of the era of ECW, understand, you’re looking at the guy that made ECW what ECW was. So, simply put: I’m as close to royalty in this sport as it comes. You can go shove your Ric Flairs. Whoops, I mean Dick Flairs. You can pound your Hulk Hogans. Your Bret Harts can lace my boots. Your Shawn Michaels can lose his smile, and he’s so afraid of me, he comes out and hands me his belt. Spineless!

You can watch the whole video at the bottom of the page, embedded from Crave Wrestling's Facebook page.

Best known for his time in ECW, where Douglas won the ECW World Title four times, Douglas also has worked for WWE, WCW, and TNA through the years. 


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