Shayna Baszler On Intergender Wrestling: If There Are Women Trained To Do It, I'm All For It

Coming from an MMA background, Shayna Baszler has the skills to tie anyone, man or woman, into a pretzel. Baszler is seen as one of the most legitimate wrestlers on the WWE roster, giving off a believability that she could step into the ring with a male superstar and hold her own.

She did just that on Monday's WWE Raw when she faced Reginald. Though the bout did not go her way, Baszler is a fan of intergender wrestling when it makes sense.

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“[Intergender wrestling] is an interesting topic and it always is,” she told Graham Matthews of Daily DDT. “As a mixed martial artist and a fighter, I was the only female on my fight team for years for the majority of my career. I’ve even entered submission wrestling tournaments and wrestled in the men’s division because the women in the women’s division weren’t as experienced, so I wanted to get my money’s worth in this tournament. This is not new to me or anyone else who trains in that sort of martial art to understand that a woman can compete with a male. That’s not a question and it’s surprising to me that this day and age that’s so hard for people to understand.”

Baszler continued by saying, "I am also in support of intergender wrestling when it makes sense and when I know the woman knows what they’re doing. I wouldn’t suggest that just anyone… I don’t know if it’s even appropriate to name names. I wouldn’t tell Lana to get in there with any male on the roster, but someone like myself who’s a technician and is experienced competing against males and I know how to balance technique against strength, it’s a little more fitting for someone like me. I’m not all Gung Ho, ‘All women should fight on the equal ground as the men.' If there are women who are trained to do that, I’m all for it. I think the argument for me is that people don’t necessarily believe all the time that a woman can balance out that male vs. female aspect. But it is possible and I will show that.”

After losing to Reginald, Baszler now has her eyes set on Alexa Bliss and her doll Lilly, who have interfered in her matches by using her fiendish powers.

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