Shelton Benjamin Talks His Mic Skills, OVW, Teaming With Chad Gable, More

Shelton Benjamin recently appeared on an episode of the Sean Waltman X-Pac 12360 podcast. You can hear the full show at this link or above, or check out submitted highlights below.

Working with Young Talent:

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It takes a lot to always be the giver. You know? There are a lot of guys, who my job is to build stars, not to be a star. Like I said, you already respect them but you get a new perspective. Especially, because I've been in that role where it's like no I'm helping guys.


Tagging with Chad Gable:

It's funny because obviously Chad and his former partner Jason (American Alpha) would get comparisons to me and Charlie (Worlds Greatest Tag-Team)  all the time. As a matter of fact, it got to an annoying point as far as my twitter feed. I'd be seeing people you know, W.G.T.T 2 and stuff.The first time I actually met them was probably a month before I came back (to WWE) and the first thing I said to them was, ' Are you guys as sick of us as we are of you?" (Laughs) So when they paired me and Chad, it was like huh. I really didn't see that coming but let's see where this goes.


Being In OVW: 

SB: My experience in OVW was couldn't be any better. Danny was a great trainer, RIP was a great trainer, Cornett he knows television and things like that, for me, it was an all positive experience.


SW: I hear some people have a negative experience with Jimmy (Jim Cornett). Anything like that? Ever go off on you? Yell at you? Things like that, because he's very passionate.


SB: Maybe one time...He kinda grilled me a little bit because they were trying to promote something on TV & I kinda wandered out of the screenshot, he grilled me, he didn't yell at me. It wasn't anything like that.....but as soon it was done, it was done. A lot of people have had issues with Cornett, but I'm not one of them.


How he Wished He Was A Better Talker On The Mic:

I wish I was a better talker, wrestling wise. I don't care what anyone says, you can't tell me anything when it comes to a match.That is the one thing I wish at the time I realized how important that was and develop it more.

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