Simon Gotch Was Not Proud Of His Work In WWE; Says He Was Depressed

Simon Gotch was not happy while he was in WWE. 

It has been well over a year since Simon Gotch was released by WWE. He is now an independent wrestler including being featured on Major League Wrestling events in his prize fight challenge. In an interview with, Gotch said his mood has drastically changed since leaving WWE. 

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"I’m just not depressed anymore. Mental health is a big part of it. The reality of it is when you’re in WWE, if you’re not doing work you’re proud of or happy with, it’s going to wear on you. You’re not going to be in the right mindset. Even when you’re working hard, you may not be working as efficiently as you could be," sadi Gotch.

The schedule was another factor according to Gotch who said the extra days he has off now with MLW help him focus on his diet and exercise and the independent schedule allows him more freedom. As Gotch put it, he shows up to an independent event when he needs to be there.  

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