SmackDown Superstars Victim Of Smash And Grab Theft

While the folks on Raw were in the middle of their big Vegas episode last night, the SmackDown team was doing a Live Event in Oakland, CA. And it looks like the blue crew was greeted by the welcome wagon in the form of an intrepid thief with a crowbar and a dream.

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Yes, Heath Slater's rental car was broken into, and from the following Tweets, it appears that his passengers were victimized as well.

So someone made off with the personal private property of The Ascension. And Konnor and Vikto don't seem like the kind of guys who are good at letting things go.

Hope you enjoy looking over your shoulder for the rest of your life, thief, always wondering if today will be the day when you see these faces staring back at you.

So good luck with that.

This isn't even the first time a SmackDown superstar has been the victim of a robbery while at a Live Event in recent months.

Less than a month ago, AJ Styles had his beloved briefcase XBOX stolen out of the locker room while he was in the ring having a match. That was in Jonesboro, Arkansas, though, so unless this thief has a hell of a travel budget, I don't think it's the same suspect.

We'll let you know more on this story as it develops.


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