*SPOILERS* Ring of Honor Wrestling Aftershock In Philidelphia (7/16/16) TV Tapings

The following is the results for the 3 tapings that Ring of Honor did last night in Philidelphia, Pennsylvania. Please be aware that the following contains spoilers for matches that will be on television in the coming weeks.

Ring of Honor First Taping

Women of Honor Match

Veda Scott defeated Solo Darling

Jay White defeated Will Ferrara

Fish Tank/Chicken Chat

There was supposed to be a segment of the Fish Tank, but Mark Briscoe came out and decided that he would be taking over and the Fish Tank would now be the Chicken Chat. Mark called Bobby Fish out as his first guest. Bobby says that even if Mark does somehow manage to defeat him that he will always be Jay's little brother. Bobby says that he makes the TV title the most important in the world, even more than Jay Lethal's World title. They start to brawl, but security comes in and breaks them up.

Colt Cabana vs Jay Lethal

Security came out and surrounded the ring, unbeknownst to us it was arranged by Nigel so as to keep anyone from interering in the match. Jay Lethal came down to the ring. Colt managed to kick out of one Lethal Injection, but he couldn't withstand three as after a third consecutive Lethal Injection Lethal got the pin and retained his belt.

-After the match Lethal calls out Adam Cole and after they exchange words Nigel reluctantly agrees, signing Lethal vs Cole for Death Before Dishonor at the PPV next month.

Ring of Honor Second Taping

The Young Bucks defeated Roppongi Vice to become #1 contender for the ROH Tag Team titles.

They had the contract signing for the ROH World title match. Cole said he shaved Lethal's head to prove he can take anything he wants from him. Jay said the only thing he cared about was revenge and he went to cut Adam's hair, but The Young Bucks rushed in and saved him.

Lio Rush defeated Donovan Dijak then Dijak attacked Rush after the match only to have Lethal rush in and save him.

Adam Page is interviewed backstage by Kevin Kelly who says he wants to challenge Jay Briscoe and says that he wants the IWGP Tag Team titles. Jay Briscoe comes out only for the two to be separated by security.

Ring of Honor Third Taping

Women of Honor Tag Team Match

Jenny Rose & Nanae Takahashi defeated Solo Darling & Sumie Saki.

Kamaitachi w/Christopher Daniels defeated Stuka Jr.

Tough Tim Hughes vs. David Starr vs. Joey Daddiego vs. Cheeseburger ended in a no contest due to interference when Punisher Martinez and BJ Whitmer came in and cleaned house.

Jay Briscoe w/Mark Briscoe vs Jay White w/The Motor City Machine Guns ended in a draw as they ran out of time. Nigel called an end to it when it appeared that Jay White had suffered a concussion.

Taylor & Lee defeated War Machine

Ring of Honor Fourth Taping

Adam Page defeated Johnathan Gresham

The Cabinet defeated Dalton Castle & The Boys

The Addiction defeated The Young Bucks to retain their ROH Tag Team titles. Kamaitachi tried to intefere at one point, but was interrupted by the Motor City Machine Guns. The show ended with The Young Bucks standing tall atop of ladders.

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