Squash City: Aja Kong Cracks Open Chaparita Asari On 1995 Raw

25 years old and killing opponents dead. That was Aja Kong. I won't ridicule her opponent though. Not this time.

December 11, 1995. WWF were just wrapping up their women's division, as Madusa/Alundra Blaze would appear on Nitro the next week and infamously dump their title in the trash. Before Blayze, Bertha Faye and Bull Nakano held the title. Most don't remember much else about the two year run of the division.

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Well, this is worth a look.

Aja Kong had wrestled since she was 16 years old, mostly for All Japan Women's Pro Wrestling. She wrestled only three matches for WWF, this one against Chaparita Asari being the last one. She treated it like her last in the company, too.

To Asari's credit, the 22-year old employed some fast paced handspring mule kicks in her Junior Jushin Liger outfit. Then she ran into Kong. It's that time. 

Asari sold dead just running into Kong. Damn. Kong used her opponent's hair to repeatedly snapmare her (we'll call that the Snaphair), while the ref didn't do his job. A kick to the chest, a big suplex, and A DAMN PACKAGE PILEDRIVER. In WWE. In 1995. 

Shortly after this, Jerry Lawler makes a shitty joke about the death of rapper Darren Robinson from Fat Boys. He implies that Robinson and Aja Kong ate potatoes together. What a fucking doofus. Anyway, maybe Kong heard him, because it gets SICK. 

Asari tries to fight back, but gets stopped quick. She takes the damndest bumps without leaving her feet, too. Somehow, she's still alive and misses what Tom Phillips would refer to as "OH!" (it's a sky twister press), before Kong makes her face not exist anymore with a disgusting spinning backfist.

The shot cracked open Asari, who would go on to wrestle in AJW and CMLL. Neither would wrestle in WWF again, with both women previously appearing in a Survivor Series match weeks before. Kong is still active today at 46 years old, while Asari would retire in late 2003.

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