Squash City: Albano Tries To Save A Life, Muraco Isn't Having It

I wasn't around for Don Muraco's glory days. He retired before I was 10, and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame when I was 18. However, via the power of Youtube, some gold was left behind.

Let's paint the picture, and get this out of the way for his opponent Dan Ferris. 

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Yeah, sorry Dan. You were a bad wrestler. Not bad in the "looking back at the 80s, a lot of guys weren't too polished way. He sucked. You could tell it right out of the gate. February 1983, WWF Championship Wrestling. Ferris would also lose to Mr. Fuji, but his loss to Muraco was particularly rough.  

Muraco -- whose sole purpose here is to beat the shit out of Ferris -- seemed kind of entertained by it all to start. Ferris couldn't take a powerslam or a front suplex, and got up immediately after each. Muraco takes the time to high-five playboy of the century Lou Albano before ceasing his entertainment regarding the matter.

Commence shit kicking. 

Muraco dropkicks Dan Ferris a quarter the way across the ring before unleashing a splash to the BACK OF FERRIS' NECK. Believe ya boy when he says it wasn't as graceful or as caring as when Billy Robinson would do it back in the day, We're still only a minute in. 

How about a stiff elbow and an even stiffer Tombstone? Nice to see ya, Dan Ferris. But that's not all. He's up about 15-20 seconds after a Tombstone. Oh no.

To Albano's credit, he tries to tell Ferris to GTFO. Ferris doesn't listen and is rewarded with boots and a shoot spinning neckbreaker. Cut to replay. 

In an update, I just discovered several Dan Ferris matches. We're not running out of content any time soon.

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