Squash City: Eddie Guerrero Knocks A Guy Into The Creative Team

Welcome to Squash City, where Fightful.com takes a look at some of the more fun squash matches in pro wrestling history. 

Eddie Guerrero. We miss you, but I'm not sure Jimmy Jacobs misses the beatdown you gave him in 2005.

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After his split with Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero was on a mean streak. He faced eventual ROH star Jimmy Jacobs, and put a hurting on him to add an exclamation point to it. 

But Jacobs won!

Eddie came out firing a sick shoulderblock, and what I consider the best belly-to-back suplex in the business. It was a little snug, but nothing that outrageous. Until Eddie Guerrero heaved Jacobs through the ropes, slamming to the floor.

Sorry, Jimmy. It's time. 

Jacobs tried to fight back here and there, but why? KNOW BETTER. DO BETTER. PLAY DEAD. Or don't, and eat a brainbuster on the chair. At least he picked up the W.  This was relatively tame, but I would have watched Eddie Guerrero squashes weekly.

A dozen years later, Jacobs is on the WWE creative team, so it's nice to know that Guerrero didn't give him the WORST beatdown of his life. 

Goddamn, pal. 

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