Squash City: The Time Goldberg No-Sold A Chair Shot And Beat Up La Parka

Welcome to Squash City, where Fightful.com takes a look at some of the more fun squash matches in pro wrestling history

Today, we take a look back at nineteen years ago, when La Parka thought he stood a chance with Goldberg.

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Well, you know what they say. Or at least what Abe Lincoln said. 

Fast forward through most of this. Don't waste your time. The goods are at 3:36. La Parka, who was known more for dancing and carrying a chair during his WCW run (he was a sleeper pick in WCW/NWO Revenge on N64) had his whole shit buried with the quickness. Dancing? Not today. The chair? Give it a shot, dude.

He did.

La Parka cracked then-WCW United States Champion Bill Goldberg over the goddamn skull with a steel chair. Bill Goldberg looked at La Parka like he scuffed up his new Jordan's and proceeded to beat the brakes off of him. Spear. Jackhammer. Fin. 


A couple of things. First, no way this flies in 2017. Second, what an irresponsibly, turdy ref. He watched Parka absolutely SKULL Goldberg with a chair and was like "RING THE BELL, SON."  Someone suspend that man. 19 years ago.

Whatever, the squash was super cool. You can see it above. Thanks to Dean Coles for sending it my way. Hang around after for a Goldberg t-shirt commercial after.

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