STARDOM Clarifies Future Of Company After Bushiroad Purchase, Will Give Each Wrestler A Contract

STARDOM's future became a little more clear after the recent news that it was purchased by NJPW's parent company Bushiroad.

It was recently announced that Bushiroad purchased the company after several months of negotiations. With the acquisition, STARDOM will join the kickboxing company that Bushiroad also owns, but the company name will be changed from Kix Road Co., Ltd. to Bushiroad Fight Co., Ltd. This change will begin on December 21, 2019.

Although the Japanese all-female promotion is under a new parent company, it doesn't mean that the internal operations will be undergoing a massive shift. STARDOM owner Rossy Ogawa will also remain in his position as CEO and the name of the promotion will remain the same. What is being planned for the roster itself is contracts for each wrestler, though no exact details were mentioned.

On December 7 and 8 STARDOM will be a part of "CharaExpo USA" at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. One match confirmed for that show is Mayu Iwatani and Tam Nakano vs. Sumie Sakai and Nicole Savoy.

STARDOM will also get significant financial backing with BS Nippon Television broadcasting and advertising set to begin in January 2020. STARDOM World, the promotion's online streaming service, will remain as it is. Also announced is a show at the Ota Ward Gym on April 29, 2020 with a 10th anniversary show taking place in 2021. Further details on STARDOM's 2020 schedule include 14 shows at Tokyo's Korakuen Hall with August 8 and 9 hosting two of those shows.

As for what this means for New Japan Pro-Wrestling, the other wrestling company Bushiroad operates, no such cross-promotion between the two companies was ever mentioned.

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