Sting Places Zero Blame On Seth Rollins For His Injury, Says Seth Will Go Down As One Of The Greatest Wrestlers

Sting reflects.

At the 2015 'Night Of Champions' PPV the then-dual champion Seth Rollins had to pull back-to-back duty when he defended the WWE United States and WWE World Heavyweight Championships in the two final matches of the PPV. Seth lost the United States Title to John Cena and then immediately had to defend the World Title against WWE Hall Of Famer and WCW legend Sting. At some point during the match Seth Rollins lifted Sting up for a "buckle bomb" and executed it and that resulted in Sting suffering a serious neck injury and that match with Seth being the very last of his career

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Sting had big plans in store for himself in WWE such as having a match with The Undertaker at WrestleMania and although that dream match was put to bed because of that September 20th night at 'Night Of Champions', Sting is not sour about the situation nor does he place any blame on Seth Rollins. Sting has reiterated in this past and shared it again when he joined Bill Apter's 'Apter Chat' podcast and spoke about his career-ending injury and had nothing but positive things to say about "The Architect" Seth Rollins.

“It was just a freak accident. I’m telling you, Seth, it is not his fault." Sting said. "I mean not even in the slightest percentage of anything. It was without question, it was me, and to this day I cannot figure out what the heck I was thinking. My neck whip-lashed back really bad two times in a row and the second one… the first one caused the shock to go down all the way down both arms - left and right all the way to my fingertips where it felt like my fingertips were stung by bees, and then the second one, I got up to my feet and we were trying to continue the match and my legs started to feel like rubber bands and I realized I don’t have control over my legs. I’m afraid that if I start running the ropes right now, I’m gonna blow my knee out, break a bone, tear everything up because I didn’t have any control so I went down on all fours, and tried to figure out what the heck is going on, and, so, it wasn’t his fault." He continued, "He did nothing. I mean, yeah, period, just end of the story, and then what do I have to say about Seth? He dressed up like me for Halloween. I’m flattered, I have bragging rights. This was my last match against one of the greatest really. He’s gonna do down as one of the greatest wrestlers. He is extremely talented in the ring and very easy. He’s just a pleasure to work with in every way and so accommodating, so respectful. I mean he just wanted to make it right and so did I, and to say that I had my last match with WWE for the World Title against Seth Rollins, I’m bragging, this is good, and I’m glad that I can say I went out like that.”


While on the topic of Seth Rollins, the current WWE Intercontinental Champion is in the middle of a war alongside his Shield-brethren against Braun Strowman and the RAW Tag Team Champions Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler. To read about what went down between the two trios this past Monday on RAW, head over to Fightful's coverage article of the show.

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