Stone Cold Says The Hardys Are Still Performing At "High Level", Loves "Broken" Gimmick

Stone Cold Steve Austin says The Hardys have always gotten themselves over. 

While discussing WWE Payback, Steve Austin took time during his podcast The Steve Austin Show to acknowledge the work of Matt and Jeff Hardy. He commended them on their consistent hard work. 

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"These guys have been around for a long time and they were always able to get themselves over to a very high level, often times without a green light push. Then, they'd split them up, or do something with them, or they tried to get them over and they got over to a very high level. Then, they left for a long time. Now, they're back," said Austin. 

While away from WWE in 2016, Matt Hardy debuted a new character named "Broken Matt Hardy." The eccentric nature of the character made it popular, and after turbulent contract negotiations with their former employers ended, The Hardys showcased their "Broken" characters in independent promotions. Austin talked about "Broken Matt Hardy" and "Brother Nero" (Jeff Hardy) and said it was outstanding. 

"But, before they came back, Matt Hardy came up with this off-the-charts character, totally against anything he's done. Here's a kid for North Carolina, all of a sudden he's got a British accent. And it's all about 'delete', and what's the name of the little thing that they're flying around? Vanguard 1. Goddamn, what a good idea. And whether it was theirs or not, the fact that Matt Hardy pulled off this character, and then, also, with Jeff Hardy's participation in the angle, they're both outstanding in this," said Austin. 

The Hardy's returned to WWE at Wrestlemania 33 as a surprise entrant into the tag-team title match. Austin said they have been doing well since their return despite not being "Broken". 

"(The Hardys) come back to raw and they're just The Hardys and that's good enough for me. I just wanted to say how much they've changed. They got a huge ovation at Wrestlemania 33, now they're back WWE champions and they are still clicking at a real high level," said Austin. 

The Hardys have been in negotiation with their former employer over the use of their "Broken" characters. Matt Hardy has shown characteristics of being "Broken" since coming back to WWE. As Raw's Tag Team Champions, The Hardy's have been feuding with Cesaro and Sheamus. The Hardy's were victorious in their match against Cesaro and Sheamus at WWE Payback. During the rest of the podcast, Austin talked about other topics from WWE Payback, including House of Horrors and Braun Strowman's future. 

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