TAELER: Ace Austin Is An Ace In The Hands Of Impact Wrestling

A week has passed since Impact Wrestling's Slammiversary PPV. So much changed and yet some things still remain. Ahead of the PPV, Impact Wrestling promised that its world will change. Regardless of fans taking to social media being split between love and hate for the PPV, things definitely did change. In that regard, it is without doubt that Impact certainly delivered. Gauntlets, Knockouts Championship, World Championship, X-Division Championship, grudges, debuts, and so much more. One thing still remains for me, and that is The One True Ace - Ace Austin. 

Since debuting with Impact Wrestling in 2019, Ace Austin went on an impressive several month winning streak. Began feuds with Petey Williams, Eddie Edwards, Trey Miguel and others. Amassing wins over all including Tessa Blanchard, Edwards, Jake Crist, Daga, Hernandez, Zachary Wents, and others. It seemed there was no where to go but up for Ace Austin. It wasn't long before Austin became one of the most riveting parts of Impact Wrestling on a weekly basis. His own unique portrayal of Gambit from Marvel's X-Men is by far a standout and he's happily back to that direction gimmick-wise which is definitely money for more him and the company. 

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This year, we've seen Austin gradually make his way back to what he'd begun in early to mid 2019. Since aligning himself with Mad Man Fulton, its been entertaining TV for both of them. Ingenius pairing in my opinion. Both fitting seemlessly well together. Awesome! This is a great direction for both Fulton and Austin as far as TV time and exposure as well as booking opportunities. X-Division. Tag Team. You name it... 

Ace Austin has the all around potential to be the next biggest home-grown star for Impact since AJ Styles' tenure with TNA Impact Wrestling. Ace Austin's wrestling calibre, his character/gimmick, his look, mic skills, it's all there and continuously improving which is the trick. Staying stagnant as a star gets them nowhere. Now heading into Slammiversary most fans were positive Ace Austin was taking home the World Championship. After losing to his long-time on screen nemesis, Eddie Edwards in the Five Way Elimination Match for the vacated World Title begs the question, where is this headed for Ace Austin...? It made sense for him to win. A big upset. His rivalry with Edwards and Trey not withstanding ofcourse. Adding into the mix the mystery opponent being none other than former TNA Impact Wrestling star Eric Young. So, perhaps this will be another twist and turn for character building purposes in the twisted tale of Eddie Edwards and Ace Austin.

With gold on his mind, Bound For Glory would be the biggest opportunity for Ace Austin to capture that Impact Wrestling World Championship Title with what remains of 2020. That means October. A lot can happen between now and Bound For Glory. However, with so many historical TNA Impact Wrestling moments happening over the last 15 Bound For Glory's - Ace Austin winning the World Title there would be an epic opportunity in the young career of the up and coming Ace Austin. If that was me, that's where I'd be focused. Honing my craft, studying opponents, and counting down the days until Bound For Glory. But only time will tell. Ace Austin is arising stars that Impact should definitely be keeping their eye on and investing even more time into building. He'll be the future of Impact and simultaneously for AXS TV. Afterall, when you run the gambit, you quickly realize, many people bluff because they don't have what it takes. Seldom do they actually have the ace to win. With that said, in the hands of Impact Wrestling is Ace Austin and up their sleeve is the one true ace. How they choose to play it is entirely up to them and for us to watch…

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