TAELER: AJ Mendez Pens 80th Anniversary Issue of Wonder Woman for DC Comics

I cannot lie, I am elated to write this Fightful.com feature piece highlighting the immensely talented AJ Mendez also known as AJ Lee. The former three time WWE Women's Champion and New York Times Best Selling Author recently added to her already stellar resume as she lends her knowledgeable skills and innate passion to DC Comics, honoring the 80th anniversary of Wonder Woman. DC Comics and Warner Media recently kicked off a year-long celebration of Wonder Woman's 80th anniversary which started in March on International Women's Day. This celebration would not be complete without the plethora of content both old and new featuring DC Comics' Amazonian heroine - Diana a.k.a Wonder Woman!

The DC Universe will get tons of new content. From new wearable fashion items to new story arcs, digital content, art, and even a one hundred-page comic, to which according to the public statement by DC and Warner Media, will be a Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary 100-Page Spectacular - a collectible keepsake! All are indicative of the campaign, "Believe in Wonder" which began on March 8th and culminates appropriately on Wonder Woman Day on October 21st. As an avid comic books reader and published author myself, I can say with complete earnestness and candid sentiment that in my opinion, DC Comics couldn't have chosen better with adding AJ Mendez as a contributing featured writer to this historical moment in the history of DC's Champion of Truth.

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From Wonder Woman's first appearance in Action Comics #8 in December of 1941 to Sensational Comics #1 and on to her journey into becoming a highly respected member of the Justice League as a mainstay DC Comics hero and even further when she was brought to T.V. played by the legendary Lynda Carter in the 1970s. Now even furthermore through on the big screen/HBO Max played by Gal Gadot and here we are discussing the 80th anniversary. Wonder Woman from her origin to her modern-day representation has always aimed a timeless message of truth, hope, compassion, courage, and empowerment. Ideals that I feel are also synonymous with the gumption possessed by AJ Mendez.

AJ Mendez, the woman behind the NY Times Best Seller - Crazy Is My Superpower, and the upcoming Dungeons and Dragons: At the Spine of the World, will be featured among several highly esteemed talents contributing to DC Comics' Wonder Woman Black & Gold #1 lineup release. Wonder Woman Black & Gold is a brand new mini series in the anthology of Wonder Woman commemorating her upcoming anniversary as DC's favorite Amazon Warrior. AJ's powerfully written piece in the six-issue Wonder Woman Black & Gold will be paired with impeccable artwork by Massachusetts native, the amazingly talented comic book creator/illustrator known for Constantine: The Hellblazer, Ming Doyle. The duo join forces to cultivate a hard hitting and eye catching story arc profiling a tense family reunion in Themyscira.

Be on the look out for the official DC Comics release of Wonder Woman Black & Gold. The six-issue anthology series will kick off with the returning team of John Arcudi and Ryan Sook of B.P.R.D and Legion of Super-Heroes. The lineup continues leading into a piece written by Gotham Academy's Becky Cloonan followed by Amethyst's Amy Reeder. Rounding out the middle of the six-issue series is the piece written by AJ Mendez, and bringing the anthology to a close are Nadia Shammas and Morgan Beem of Swamp Thing: Twin Branches. DC Comics proudly presents Wonder Woman Black & Gold on June 22nd with 40 pages of revolutionary visions of one of DC's greatest superheroes - Wonder Woman…

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