TAELER: And Still Your NXT Women's Champion Raquel Gonzalez

NXT 2.0 has upped the ante playing host to three championship bouts, a no disqualification match and more all in one episode. Heart. Passion. Hatred. Violence. Dedication. All were in full swing and definitely pushing the PG envelope under the new NXT banner of NXT 2.0. In my opinion it was great seeing the depth of the NXT Women's Division on display throughout the episode from the opener on. One such bout was the NXT Women's Championship Title match as Raquel Gonzalez would put her coveted title on the line against La WWEra Loca Franky Monet courtesy of Robert Stone. In a prior piece I mentioned all that went into making this match happen and looming questions on the fairness of the fight.

With that said, as the title of this piece suggests, Raquel Gonzalez once again overcame the odds and further cemented her legacy as your reigning and defending NXT Women's Champion! The second generation wrestler has been gradually coming into her own throughout her tenure with NXT since her days battling Shotzi Blackheart at EVOLVE. When you think of the phrase, "fighting champion," I do believe that that's Raquel Gonzalez. Brute strength. Determination. Fearless in the face of adversity. Meticulous attention to detail. Dedication to her craft and her work. Fighting champion.

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When she entered NXT 2.0 to go one on one with Franky Monet, Raquel most likely knew that it was going to be more of a three on one affair. If not in the physical sense then at the very least in the psychological sense. However, true to form in who Gonzalez is as a competitor and champion she didn't back down. What Raquel Gonzalez lacks in experience in comparison to an opponent like Franky Monet, she more than makes up for in grit, determination, strength, and attitude. In the end we all knew that Franky Monet would take all the fight she had straight to Raquel in order to claim for herself the prestigious NXT Women's Championship title. The top spot. The pinnacle seat above all overs in the NXT Women's Division.

La WWEra Loca Franky Monet wants nothing but the absolute best in all things and that includes WWE NXT Championship gold. Monet herself has cultivated an immensely impressive resume predating her signing with WWE. Accomplishments that span the globe and hold several historical records in the U.S and Mexico. She also shares many of the same attributes as Raquel Gonzalez in terms of being a fighting champion. However, it just wasn't Monet's day as she looked up at the ceiling with her shoulders pinned for the one - two - three count. I think it's safe to say that this will not be the last we hear of Toxic Attraction nor Franky Monet in the NXT Title conversations especially after the vicious attack on Raquel Gonzalez after her match with Franky Monet by way of Toxic Attraction. Raquel Gonzalez has certainly felt the full weight of the huge target on her back as the reigning NXT Women's Champion and the greedy hands not so patiently waiting to steal it from her. In a valiantly tenacious effort - And still your NXT Women's Champion - Raquel Gonzalez!

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