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For decades, the Pro Wrestling Industry, understandably has seen names and promotions come and go. Many names have become synonymous with Pro Wrestling and have made history. Show stopping larger than life personas. Heartfelt championship wins. Heated losses. Feuds. Childhood heroes signing autographs. Saving money to buy tickets. The next video game. Merchandise. Front row seats to nose bleed seats! Wrestling has seen it all! From prior to the territory days to now every superstar got their start from somewhere and an opportunity from someone.

Becoming a well-rounded performer in the Pro Wrestling industry doesn't just happen. It takes hard work, talent, the right training, dedication, repetition, gimmick, and opportunity to become a superstar. To keep up with the times, Pro Wrestling has had to learn how to evolve, taking advantage of pop culture, television, training schools, social media, and more. From Smokey Mountain to The NWA or AWA. WCW to TNA. AEW to New Japan. AAA to ROH and everything in between. Whatever you like - wrestling has it! Not unlike flavors of ice cream. With that said, there's been one school that has persevered through it all and continues to do so today. The school's methods, to which I can personally attest to, have proven its value time and again. From all over the world, talents have come to train to become a part of the long line of "Tomorrow's Superstars Today…" an art only perfected by Ohio Valley Wrestling.

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Making its home in Louisville, Kentucky, OVW got its start in the early 90s by Professional Wrestler/Founder, "Nightmare" Danny Davis. OVW originally started out as a member promotion as part of NWA. After a few years, OVW became the developmental home for The WWE until roughly 2008. Under Dixie Carter, TNA realized OVW's value and decided to make it their developmental system from which I came from. Danny Davis not only carved out but also helped create a tried and true method of doing exactly what their motto says. Superstars like Randy Orton, John Cena, Mickie James, Beth Phoenix, CM Punk, Victoria, Maria Kanellis, Cody Rhodes, The Miz, and so many more walked right under that Tomorrow's Superstars Today banner and became just that - Superstars.

By training at Ohio Valley Wrestling, you gain exposure and experience that put you at the forefront of being the next signed superstar to almost any place you choose, it's all up to you and how badly you want to succeed. Over there, you have weekly TV Tapings, weekend live events, and your PPV-esq Saturday Night Special's once a month, weekly trainings, doing ring crew, and watching tapes to study wrestling. OVW's old school training not only hones a talent's in ring ability, it also gives them a healthy respect for the business as a whole by paying their dues. OVW teaches what it means to be on TV. How to talk, walk, move, act, perform, and standout in any situation or circumstances. From your entrance to the time to the back. It all matters. Priceless training that comes from decades of experience from trainers like Danny Davis, Rip Rogers, and Al Snow. This training is unlike any I've ever received anywhere else and has proved itself to be invaluable to my career and the careers of others to which we are immensely proud.

Since taking over Ohio Valley Wrestling from Danny Davis, Al Snow has further elevated the school with its training, its facility, their production value, brand awareness, and opportunities. Under the guidance of Al Snow, TNA Impact Wrestling renewed its relationship with OVW and continues. If you've been a fan of OVW, you may have noticed their talents debuting on Impact Wrestling on AXS TV, being used on Monday Night Raw on USA Network and Friday Night Smackdown on Fox. OVW can be seen on YouTube, YouToo America, and local TV Channel Affiliates like WBON-LD.

Many have tried to duplicate OVW, but have been met with minimal success. Which shows not all schools are created equal. The plethora of talent that have come out of OVW and gone on to do amazing things, speaks to OVW's unique formula, its longevity, and passion for the business. I was presented with a choice in 2011 to either train in Florida or train at OVW. I chose OVW, and that's a choice I'd make again and highly recommend. There's only so much time in a Pro Wrestling career. There's only so many bumps you can take. This business isn't easy. The lifestyle isn't easy. It's not how your dream of it as a kid. If you think about it, anything worth gaining isn't easy. Anything easily gained can be easily lost. On the other side of that, is that success creates more opportunities not less. Success is not a pie. So why not bet on yourself and put yourself in a position for success? If you're thinking about becoming a Pro Wrestler or you are a Pro Wrestler and you're trying to figure out your next move, think about OVW. With OVW, you could already be on your way to becoming Tomorrow's Superstar Today, making you a part of the OVW story too. The choice is yours and what you do with that is entirely up to you…

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