TAELER: Bianca Belair Praises Sasha Banks on WWE's The Bump

Leading up to the Royal Rumble PPV, Bianca Belair proved herself to be a star on the rise. Her impressive performance while tagging with Sasha Banks. Bianca Belair's impeccable performance against Bayley. The WWE Chronicle episode featuring Belair with an emotional lift of the proverbial curtain for an in depth look at the woman behind Bianca Belair was amazing. And most recently her Royal Rumble showing. With each opportunity presented to Belair the WWE Universe has seen her rise to the occasion. Making sure she remains ready to grasp at each opportunity as no one knows if they'll come again. The self proclaimed EST of NXT has most assuredly become a glittery shining bright star - the EST of WWE.

Immediately following the aftermath of the 2021 WWE Royal Rumble PPV, Bianca Belair was a guest on WWE's The Bump. While talking with the incredibly talented and entertaining hosts, Bianca Belair candidly shared her humble side with a dash of gratefulness and perhaps a sprinkle of intent? Belair shared with the WWE Universe her feelings on what it was like to be in the ring with Sasha Banks prior to the Royal Rumble. If you've read any of my prior Fightful Articles you'll have seen my positive support of Bianca Belair, Sasha Banks, and the WWE Women's Tag Team Division. Sentiments that were similarly shared by Bianca herself as well.

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The EST of WWE was elated at the opportunity to share a ring with someone like Sasha Banks. The potential to learn from and elevate herself. To take that opportunity and rise to the standard that Sasha Banks has set. As a boss and the standard. Belair's genuine responses to WWE's The Bump questions in my opinion are indicative of the star she's destined to become. One who gives back to younger talents. One who represents her community. One who refuses to change who she is to get ahead. Lives every day with her own unique sense of authenticity without uttering any apologies for who she is. Brilliant. Elegant. Energetic. Motivated. Humble. Grateful. Role model… Just some of the many words one can use to describe the woman who built Bianca Belair.

I agree with The Bump hosts as we all can attest to the fact that the internet seldom ever agrees on anything. And yet, here we are. The internet came together with pure elation when Bianca Belair made history in her 2021 Women's Royal Rumble win. She was more than ready. Her time is now. As is tradition, when Bianca Belair the EST of WWE pointed in victory at the Wrestlemania sign, speculation erupted throughout the WWE Universe.
I hope we'll see a budding storyline develop from here now that the road to Wrestlemania has officially begun.

As the weeks begin to tick by between now and the biggest PPV of the year, we will have to wait and see which moving parts come together. With Bayley antagonizing Bianca Belair. With Sasha Banks maintaining her seat at the top and successfully retaining her title against Carmella. Bayley's growing disdain for the EST of WWE. Bayley's lengthy history with Sasha Banks. Will Bianca Belair challenge for the Raw Women's Championship against Asuka? Potentially placing herself at the top of the Raw Women's roster? Dethroning the reigning and defending Champion Asuka?

Will she challenge Sasha Banks for the Smackdown Women's Championship? Aiming to capitalize on another learning opportunity? Effectively making herself the new standard? The new boss? All while Bayley lurks in the background. Sputtering and seething with contempt for the EST of WWE. Or… Perhaps… Will Bianca Belair take an entirely different approach? A strategy attempting to silence Bayley, the self proclaimed Role Model at Wrestlemania? Regardless of which way she goes, Bianca Belair exhibited class and radiated her own energy on WWE's The Bump. Her gumption is far ahead of her years in the business. Her energy is contagious. 2021 is proving to be the year that Bianca Belair smashes through each and every glass ceiling. Stay tuned!

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