TAELER: Bianca Belair's Path To A WrestleMania Main Event

Hear me out - the more I hear Bianca Belair find her voice the more I find myself relieved and reinvigorated. The more I see her use her voice the more I'm in awe and captivated. With each new quote from and interview with Bianca Belair the more I see my own thoughts and feelings shine through in her mindset and her approach. As she grows the more I see the woman she will be someday. Her potential is immense and her gumption is indelible. How she views competition is refreshing and I almost want to yell AMEN! Relief and gratitude in abundance…

For all the times I have said that success is not a pie. That more success for someone else doesn't mean less success for you is indicative of the attitude you see exuding from Bianca Belair. I've been in locker rooms all over the world and I can say with complete earnestness that there needs to be more Bianca Belair's in them. But since there can only be one Bianca Belair, The EST of WWE, then I implore more in the industry to put their egos aside and take a note or two from Bianca Belair.
As she pointed out recently, and I wholeheartedy agree, don't get jealous of others. Don't feel threatened by others in competition - get inspired. Be welcoming. You will truly never fully know how many people you will inspire someday who are looking at you right now. Her descriptions of her meeting Nia Jax and Naomi capture this very ideal down to my every word. In spending my entire adult life from the time I was seventeen years old, I can say with conviction that the industry would be a far better place with more of this than its accepted toxicity.

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In a prior piece featuring Bianca Belair, I wrote about her innately tenacious drive for success and her desire to elevate. I spoke of the impressive following that continues to grow as you read this. I wrote of her drive for representation and a level of pure excellence that's honest in her authenticity and completely indicative of the unique intrinsic value she and she alone provides as a WWE Superstar - admirable role model - and the future of the WWE.

The obstacles she's faced in getting where she is today are only footnotes in her story. The adversity she's stared in the face are what make her story worth reading to understand and appreciate. Her instilled beliefs are what make her the protagonist of her story. Her failures and triumphs make her someone worth cheering for. Bianca Belair, is in my opinion, the epitome of my own philosophy, "all you need is love, guts, and gumption…" Self-love to realize that you and your dreams matter. The guts to go after your dreams and cheer for yourself in the silence. And the gumption to see your dreams through without sacrificing your integrity and learning the value of believing in yourself when no one else will. Bianca Belair is all of these things.

I'm reminded of my prior words I wrote about Bianca Belair prior to the 2021 Royal Rumble and that is where I'll leave you the reader… "As a woman, Bianca Belair makes no apologies for whom she is. As a WWE Superstar she chooses what she stands for and represents as such. Never one to let others define her, Bianca Belair has consistently showed fans her integrity and zest for life. All as she overcomes each and every 'ism' designed to make her feel small. She approaches every new opportunity as a means to bring her closer to championship gold on the main roster. She's never been more ready…

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