TAELER: Billie Kay Is Comedic Gold

As a woman in the business and an avid participant in Tag Team Wrestling, I'd love to see the return of The IIconics. Despite my wanting to see this reunion to which I've been vocal about. It's a sentiment echoed and widely shared by WWE Fans. In spite of that, I must say that in my opinion, Billie Kay with Riott Squad is absolutely refreshing. Its comedic gold at it's most basic foundation. Billie Kay is clearly having a blast and it reflects in the weekly performance on WWE programming. All while adding more well deserved attention for Riott Squad.

Billie Kay has always been a beautiful woman. An extremely talented athlete. A charismatic performer. And an exemplary WWE Superstar in her own right. And now WWE Fans are seeing a whole new side to the skills possessed by Billie Kay. Regardless of which side of the fence you lay your hat on, the one constant is Kay's versatility. And as I've said with redundancy, versatility is money. Now finding what's next to capitalize on said versatility isn't always easy. Nor is it a smooth transition.

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To be a successful entertaining Tag Team that's split up…?! The what's next? Are you the rising star of the team? What's my own identity? Where do I go from here? These are all extremely taxing questions that plague a Superstar. And to be candid, they aren't always in control of any of those questions. Now, with WWE's new focus and attention to detail on their Women's Tag Team Division this is the perfect time. Imagine a subtle slow building rift between Riott Squad and Billie Kay. Lacey Evans on the outs with a frustrated Peyton Royce. The IIconics to make a huge comeback from a minor setback. They go on a mission rising through the ranks. Ultimately leading to an inevitable clash between the avenging IIconics against The Riott Squad. All while Asuka and Charlotte Flair continue to build up the belts.

The competition in the WWE Women's Tag Team Division is growing at an exponential rate. Faster than at the time of their rebirth. The momentum is there. The potential is there. The fans are there. The talent is there. The storylines are there. This budding feud could simmer on the fire until Wrestlemania and boil over. Or perhaps farther into the year. With the credibility previously built by Baszler and Jax prior to their loss. Now with Asuka and Charlotte Flair adding even more prestige and promise after their victory over Baszler and Jax.

Heading farther into 2021, there are at least five key Tag teams with which WWE can do great business with. Baszler/Jax. Asuka/Flair. Riott Squad. Sexy Muscle Friends. Evans/Royce. Plus the imminent return of Lana. The highly anticipated comeback of Becky Lynch. The connections are all there. Jax being the reason Flair was out. Lana defeating Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax only to be intentionally injured preventing her from realizing her TLC Championship match tagging with Asuka. Lynch relinquished her title to Asuka. Riott Squad with a chip on their shoulders after constantly being overlooked. Baszler and Jax bullying Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose. The return of Sonya Deville. Not to mention the Dusty Rhodes Tag TeM Classic…

Billie Kay's current punk rock role much to the chagrin of Riott Squad proves her innate abilities as a WWE Superstar with tons of longevity. Billie Kay, to my mind, is in fact comedic gold. Not everyone can do comedy. Not everyone can write comedy. Not everyone can be funny even with the best comedian writers. Billie Kay is suckerpunching people in the face with her defiant rebel walk and matching the talk. Its almost perfectly indicative of Bikini Kill meets Avril Lavigne meets The Runaways meets Hole. And add some sprinkles of Halestorm. Ingenious. Badass. Hilarious. Contagious. Kay has proved she can stand on her own two feet as has Royce. I definitely want to see this chapter reemerge in the next with the comeback of The IIconics feuding with the top Tag Teams from the bottom up. All tying into the stories currently on display. Stay tuned!

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