TAELER: Dana Brooke Seeking Championship Gold In 2021

Amidst a pandemic stricken year that was 2020, the WWE Universe saw the reemergence and subtle rise of Dana Brooke. Many fans took to social media in rare agreement that Dana Brooke was far and away one of the most improved WWE Superstars of the year. A feat that's not easy to achieve nor have fans agree on. And yet, I'm here, happily writing exactly that. A testament to the tenacity possessed by Dana Brooke are all the hurdles she's had to learn how to jump on the fly while on the road with start and stop pushes. Start and stop pushes that seem nonsensical and often damaging to a WWE Superstar's forward progress within the company and in the eyes of WWE fans.

Throughout 2020 the WWE Universe saw Dana Brooke in all her growing baby face glory. Amassing wins against Mia Yim, Naomi and others. With each and every appearance and subsequent match Dana Brooke grew. Building confidence in the public eye with every detail being criticized is not an easy thing to do. Nor is it easy to withstand. To grow to your fullest potential as a WWE Superstar, it is without exaggeration - painstakingly earned. Literal blood, sweat, tears, broken bones, fractures, ligament tears, and learning to be comfortable in your own skin. It's learning as I often say, with redundancy, that it's okay to be both a work in progress and an inspiration to others.

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As a Pro Athlete, you're as always one injury away from a completely different life. As a Pro Wrestler you're always one bump away from the end of your career. A decisive moment that's often out of your hands. You're almost always one surgery away from not recognizing yourself anymore. Insecurities taking every opportunity to rear their ugly heads. Every step you take they're watching you. Being judged by how you walk, what you look like, who you know, how readily you smile, that millisecond pause you should have taken on live T.V., the list goes on…

Dana Brooke is an impeccable example of triumph inspite of circumstances. In my opinion she and several others personify what it means to dare for better inspite of their circumstances. Thus allowing them to define themselves on their own terms and not the terms of their own individual existential circumstances. Dana Brooke, Liv Morgan, Lana and several others are among the most improved and influential WWE Superstars to keep an eye out for in 2021. Going up against The Queen of Spades Shayna Baszler made Brooke smarter and tougher. Overcoming the odds helped her find more of her confidence. As Dana Brooke herself said on her Twitter, 2020 made her stronger…

2021 makes for a wild year ahead as it unfolds. Dana Brooke has a versatility within her style that compliments her very well in singles competition as well as in Tag Team action with Mandy Rose. I'm immensely excited to support them and see where 2021 takes them. Brooke's athleticism and her strength based prowess are shining through in her matches despite losing to Shayna Baszler. The loss only makes you root for her more as she gets built up and continues to hone her craft.

As an avid fan and participant of Tag Team wrestling, I'm anxiously awaiting the possible match ups in 2021 between Tag Team Champions Asuka and Charlotte Flair versus the plethora of talented women currently in The WWE Tag Team Division. The Tag Teams such as Dana Brooke & Mandy Rose, RIOTT Squad, Sasha Banks & Bianca Belair, Baszler & Jax, Carmella & Bayley, and more. All elevating each other to new heights and higher achievements representing Women's Wrestling to an entire generation of WWE fans.

For an even more in depth look at the woman behind Dana Brooke, check out her and Mandy Rose's episode of Lilian Garcia's podcast Chasing Glory on The WWE Network app.
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