TAELER: Diamante & Ivelisse VS. Nightmare Sisters TONIGHT

Tonight we'll see the culmination of AEW's Women's Tag Team Tournament as The Nightmare Sisters Allie and Brandi Rhodes take on Diamante and Ivelisse! Both teams successfully overcoming amazingly talented competitors at the tops of their game. Fans witnessed Big Swole, Penelope Ford, Rachael Ellering, Tay Conti, Nyla Rose, Anna Jay, and so many more. I personally have always loved Tag Team Wrestling! So when the news broke about AEW's Women's Tag Team Cup Tournament, I was thoroughly excited and I wasn't alone in those sentiments!

Fans were elated a few weeks back when they spotted Diamante and Ivelisse in the AEW crowd. Fast forward and they are making it known that they aren't simply watching from the sidelines - they're kicking a$$ and taking names. Their match against Rachael Ellering and Dasha Kuret was impeccable! One of the best matches in the tournament. An amazing showing by all four ladies! Passion and promise from Dasha Kuret. The top notch talent of Rachael Ellering. And the hard fought win advancing Diamante and Ivelisse. They came. They watched. They saw. They won. Now the finals. Tonight.

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I've personally been on shows and/or in the ring with all four competitors featured in the finals. All possess unique abilities and show good teamwork in the ring. Hard hitting offense. Explosive defense. Tag team maneuvering. Rule bending. A lot of sh** talking. All of which is ahead of us tonight before the winners' hands are raised. In my opinion, winning in the finals against The Nightmare Sisters Allie and Brandi Rhodes would be the perfect rise in the careers of Diamante and Ivelisse. Both women have yet to see their due and grasp a chance to show the world exactly what they are capable of. There's no one like them currently in the AEW Women's Division and would be a great way to elevate the division as well as these ladies. 

Since the surprising formation of The Nightmare Sisters, we've seen Brandi and Allie seemlessly pulling it all together and rising through the proverbial ranks. Mind games galore. Flanked by QT Marshall and Dustin Rhodes, Diamante and Ivelisse will have their hands full. Nothing about that though is new territory for either woman. After their tenuous win against Big and Lil Swole in the Semi Finals, the Nightmare Sisters will need to get on the same page and have a multi pronged approach to gain a clear cut advantage against Ivelisse and Diamante. 

With 29 years worth of experience wrestling in companies like TNA Impact Wrestling, Lucha Underground and more, Diamante and Ivelisse are more than ready. At a combined experience of 24 years ranging from WWE TNA Impact Wrestling, and more, Allie and Brandi are no strangers to the competition they'll face tonight. Will the Nightmare Sisters get it together long enough to keep Diamante or Ivelisse down for a 3 count thus continuing the success of Nightmare Sisters? Or, will we see the well deserved rise of Diamante and Ivelisse? Find out in just a few hours! 

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