TAELER: Gigi Dolan - The Former Priscilla Kelly Already Making WWE History

Gigi Dolan previously known as the Independent Wrestling star Priscilla Kelly is already making a huge statement in the WWE. After officially signing with WWE NXT, Gigi Dolan has been taking in every moment and proving her worth tenfold. Within just a short time of reporting to the prestigious WWE Performance Center, Gigi Dolan would find herself making history. Alongside Cora Jade, Gigi Dolan would start off her official WWE career with an accomplishment no one can take away from her…

Barely a couple weeks into her WWE NXT journey, Gigi Dolan emerged in the Dusty Classic. Forming a tenaciously impressive team with Cora Jade. The two would face off with NXT mainstays, the team of "The Way's" Indi Hartwell and Candace LeRae. These four ladies would fight it out as the first ever Women's match to be featured on WWE's 205 Live! The match would ultimately see Hartwell and LeRae advance in the Dusty Classic. However, that win was hard fought and even harder earned. The match itself is indicative of what I've come to expect from Gigi Dolan and her in ring talent.

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From Georgia to the Independents. EVOLVE to The Mae Young Classic. AEW to NWA and overseas. And now WWE… Its my opinion that Priscilla Kelly now WWE's Gigi Dolan is another star who is living proof of my own personal philosophy. A mindset that I say over and over with complete redundancy, "All you need is love, guts, and gumption…" The self love to understand that you and your dreams matter. Guts to go after your dreams and believe in yourself when no one else will. And gumption to see your dream through without sacrificing your integrity and learning to cheer for yourself in the silence.

WWE signing Priscilla Kelly as Gigi Dolan is not an example of overnight success. She didn't "get lucky." Nor was this a prevention grab to keep her from other promotions. Priscilla Kelly becoming Gigi Dolan is a dream on it's way to being fully realized. A rising star who on paper wasn't supposed to succeed. If you think every person in the business has always been supportive of Priscilla Kelly, you'd be highly mistaken. She's had to overcome overwhelming odds. Extreme highs and heart-wrenching lows. Giving her proverbial middle finger to circumstances. On paper those circumstances were trying to hold her back in order to make her another statistic. On paper, Priscilla Kelly wasn't supposed to become Gigi Dolan. Yet, here I am writing this article today as an ode to the passion, self growth, tenacity, patience, resilience, and gumption of the woman behind Gigi Dolan. Living proof that you don't need to be defined by your circumstances. Instead you can define your circumstances.

The day I met, Priscilla Kelly in Tennessee, I knew she would be somebody some day. All she needed was different gear, more experience, and some buzz. In my mind it was only a matter of time. I've quietly cheered her on for several years now and I couldn't be more elated to see her rise. Fast forward almost 5 years later and here we are. The first week of 2021, I had planned on featuring Priscilla Kelly as number one in my list of 2021 Female Free Agents To Look For. A unique vibe that I love. An aura that in my opinion is contagious. A wicked look with versatile in ring talent. Exciting to watch. A dedicated focus on honing her craft. A quiet riot against the status quo. A new definition of what it means to be a femme fatale. I could go on.

Clearly I wasn't alone in regards to this sentiment. WWE felt the same… If I was a writer or higher up official I'd of signed her too. So if you take away anything from this piece, let it be this. Take a note from Gigi Dolan and find your own way of setting that proverbial paper of odds on fire. Not accepting no as a permanent answer when it comes to your dream. When your dream tries to tell you no, create your own opportunity to prove your worth until they can't say no. Undeniable. Inevitable. Find ways to shine with your own innate abilities. Congratulations Gigi Dolan, you've earned this journey. Here's to more history you will make as your tenure with WWE continues. From signing with WWE NXT to being in the first Women's match on 205 Live to one day being called up to Monday Night Raw. She may be Hell's Favorite, but mark my words, she'll soon be yours too…

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